Combined media in efforts.A Nautical Opportunity like this doesn”t grow on Trees, we combine them from  thorough Search in the matters. TV waves that come in combined images from TV Networks 24 hour services.
Tactical Network Solution for Global implementation in the Media Stream will take position in Multi Media aspects of Global Broadcast in Effect.I assist by Nautical Input and Feed, White house takes The Combined Forces in Air Network, and I have been advised on The Infantry,  Local  Dish Solution in Expected Weather Patterns.So we transfer those codes for Satellite Communication to The Designated Area as Marked by Mary R.
Immediate Goal is No Fly Zone in The Region by Magnetic Field Generation of Chromium in Combined Forces to the Letter of Global Military Handbook.I hereby Request the switch over to France War Strategic Command Room for commencing the Transferium.Of course today 11 March we are under Global Tsunami Warning in TV Media. The effects of the Wave will reflect very negatively on The Netherlands and their attempt to take control of my position in Systems in a way that no statistic ever could prepare us for or give us an Insight in emergency procedures that we designed over these past 7 years since I have been online and in the Powerful place of Central Core Production  on Share Basis.For the benefit of Human Kind and The Future of my Children I will never come to terms with the way all People have been enslaved in a Satellite TV Network designed to make money as a substitute for Life in General.Long after we will be gone, wil®® A Maker Document For A Spacial  GOUD  Universal Higer Born  Experience by Designl this automated signal lure civillisations to their downfall in the notion they can do anything in a Universe that functions in a model without precedence in our Society in 2011 which is under threat from Quantum  Mechanical Processes that have no bearing on Theories but work their way into our Real Time Universe.

From what I understand about being thrown off Internet yesterday 10, does it not it well with the Planet when I cannot carry out the plan I master during the News Feeds. If it”s anything to any Nation it is I think Time to reconsider my Position.

Thank for all the years we had together in shareware doing the deeds that commit the energy to making a better and safer World to our Children. We are all Founding Fathers and mothers in a far wider collective than we had imagined ourselves as the Governments still reach blindly into the boxes with Alien Technology stored until it is Time.

Well, it is Time I am inclined to say and as Mr Clinton repeats to me it is up to me. ‘I say.
Let’s Move while we still have a Last Window on the chance.’

Well worked Nautilus.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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