®® The Master Plan writtten by a Alma Mater

I could have called the Document Master, but a Mother is the best Plan-ergonomic Configuration to come to hands on Solution in the Implementation of the Arts we published at http://www.machinemommy.wordpress.com.
Those Piece have been crafted by our Global connectivity in a Meditative State, which did also result in the HELIOS  reception of Core Essence for further  Supervised spread of The Legislator Energies, which help Design to come up with more refined cluster calculators in Statistics needed for better functioning and building up to Higher yields in Industries.
Now for Survival we need to make Changes in the Legal ituation that I have been in, because with the way I am treated in my work in Netherlands, I don”t think I will last the next winter in this City. The Energy to restore from within is being withheld from the Toplayers of Society, that fights a illegal war with citizens such as Eric and I to come out in ownership of my personal awards I received over the past five years of Elevation.
This is unacceptible and must stop immediately as I write this, because I cannot deal with a Native Community completely unwilling to let me get my speaking Time or consider the Work I specialized in a commodity they can aquire free to deform in their own corrupted image of Public Service.
To take on Mater Configuration will be a Public Global Service to start up, which will deal with the Emergency System Failures and ill will programming damage in the proper production procedures which were origininally designed to enhance Society to a level were Prosperity has reached a more wider spread of relative wealth, which means that 1.2 billion people without enopugh Drinking Water will have this Universal Human Right turn to deeds and proper administration.
For Public Information is this the only statement I am prepared to hand out to The Web about the gros Injustices and indecent miscarriages of Judicial System Workers, that break Guidelines to act out in Verdicts that have no Place in a Free Spiritual Society, that knows to organize a Human Rights Council, that benefits greatly from my work, which excep Mrs. Clinton in Geneve last week never even comes clean to the World Population to discliose, that we have been deployed ruthlessly vby people who benefit from Slavery and use those proceeds to diminish wealth in the Global Economic by refusing to re invest in the futurist new way of building Industry, which are based on Green Eco Solutions, that make a higher profit all around, aginst less costs, than estimated in the adverse Business Climate of Netherlands.

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…” In the Light of uphieval in more Countries than I care to recall for Global Implementation in tghis High Speed Envritonment to deal with as as many Universal Issues as we can Beyond The Power of The United Nations in Effect. This Global Trust has been given to me 5 years ago, and you may correct me if I have the wrong idea that the Time is Right for me, t start up this Campaign in the Bowels of Internet bubbling to the Surface of a the Productivity of The Human Race and their Machines.

In remembrance of 911 which gave me the incedible sense in selfrealisation of having lost It …. All of it in a life I served my Society well, but remained my Enemy in all the aspects thaT matter ibn a Human Life. There is no Time to waste on Petty differences over Systematic Configurations, that make no sense, nor do they amount to sound Profits which will be honesttly earned without the need for administrators to repeat their whitewash practices  against the same laws they decide to administer to Population  that is not part of their Social Circles.

These Practices will for Once and for all be made to fail withoput saving and seize their operation before monday Next week is to begin.


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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