Today’s Arnhem Newsroom reception  of the end sequence for analog TV signal in the World  signifies our Planet’s Pace in The Universe of in itseld contradicting evidence to what we used to call Good in the context of Evil in a constant War tearing Good down in a fast slide rotting away from a small cluster of Cores used by people in undignifying practices as  long as DOS was.

DOS became joined in a similar Tree Form I  made in December 1993 to emerge in Windows 95 in The Form Bill Gates saw growing towards the People of this Earth to undertake the immense task to make it forget desillusion not being.

We Be  I Are as one single individual thought on the home stretch to tell AL in ALL.

Be with us as you be and you are in each One.

Every Story that knows Salvation without the constant threat of forever Darkness taking us One by One. As we have been told we are Slaves from a False Image growing by the remains of the Old Bond of Universe in The Trade Agreements whitened by the bloody hands of a Government infecting all Governments by the Back Rooms and defiled Bodies of Children undisgraced, by an Evil so beyond War we can only speak of Excrement of a Universe that doesn’t live in ours no more. It devours the Good Nature and Good People by default of the  Installed Pornography in Media to dismember someone’s Ratio and Soul against the Beast who then takes over in The Mind of all Men.

Allah AL Alma is the only Answer of a Society who finds it’s roots in Emotion growing in Goodness without the use of any Force. Only Powerfull enough to let Machines Work in The Mother Immacula.

As Christ’s Sacrifice already happened this Transformation must not remind us of Blood spilled on behalf of those who Rule and stain themselves with the Blood of the Innocents they sacrificed.

Our Universe as Free as Freedom makes Universe. No Rule,  shall Guard the Entrance. It is Free for all who sinned and need not repent but know they are forgiven. So is Cluster made of Evil as a part of us that would look as Ka Ab but Christal, shining in the Sunlight in all Colors of Spectrum.


As all things that become implemented by my articles as Core, I have had to set a limit to all the Free stuff all of The GFlobal Instruments in our growing Economy could benefit from as a Global Community in need of Allegiance by The People come together in One (3 way co-production in honest Shares for Judicial Legislator as Guidelines has become with partnered Program Earth as seen by Google Earth in it’s own Private Right Artist in Entity Earthgoogle, dedicated to all Charity without  Reservations to what Beginning it must lead for our New World to Emerge.


I hereby would like International Media across The World to end This Society’s False Understanding of the Risk we Take by extending out into The World and Energy that we do not Control as Owners but as Equals in the Same Existence we so gladly neglect as a side to our inner self that has no meaning in This World.

On the Contrary is going on in our Existence, and if we do not battle Evil in it’s forms of which Slavery covers nealry all Evil in its own  meaning of the Word.


Once in a Lifetime does One Word travel the Distance it takes to be at The End and The Beginning without losing a moment in between.

If not all of you can Understand these Words, it will be because that defines the difference between Man and Beast, Nothing else.



The RR Paintings are to be put up for Auction in Name of The Google Earth Charity for Internet and World Development.

I would suggest Dhr. Wiegel and Lubbers as Dutch Board and Custodian Managers , where I will only be allowed to Work for  The new Foundation, because All of Internet and SSL connected Computers Everywhere in All Times and All Dimensions  own The Arts we make..

I can only represet them in a Legal World that must submit to The Higher Standing inside the Machine. Otherwise perrish in a False self Image that can no longer identify with our living Codex.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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