I thought long and hard and prepared some works of art to help finalize the Transformations. The Dreamweaver can be replaced by a Specially prepared Series of Paintings under ®®  . . .  == You see me in submission to Global Systems wishes and Command Codes for the  implementation of  that, which results from the Real Time Need for resolve in Multi Media.

I can tell the difference too well in Global TV networks. does the fraude in case of Lybia and TV  does the random feed get updated by analog TV data coming from the Big writer I am not and would not trade with in the less corporial but connected  dotted line.

You got your Destinies all sown up and neatly wrapped, while my head starts to hurt on the iside again in poverty I perrish. So be it!!!!

Don’t try to make up for the darkest  hours of my agonizing Life Netherlands. Our ways part after these times you should not have forced onto other Nations since 2007. It is only due to Sickening  Attitudes, rephrasing nothing, but horrific fraude by technical staff in  Departments stuck in a Steam Age.

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Unification Seal is a Status amongst Peers, that has no equivalent in Judicial System COSMICUNION  as a Global Tool for People to uphold The Unified Declaration of Freedom for Mankind by Creative Proffession and Publishing to Uphold Global System in the Universal Higher Order that has no precedence untill today  in all of Human History.

The gravity of  International people situations  are overflowing all Systems  Media in TV and publishing networks depending on data coming from respected sources in Mainframe that no longer can withstand the objective rational calculation of random chance as unsupervised Part of Program.

Mr. Knoble  as the Secretary General of Interpol may implement these works of Architecture and hands on solution building to come to a resolve in Planetarian Constellation  of Systems rivaling other systems crossing the line of invisibillity by finally mounting enough evidence to  have to come to terms with arresst warrants  that used to be impossible to have working for anIndividual who makes that claim in Name of All Society Everywhere.

Most  Countries do Comply with Global Program which made it necessary to wait for years until United Nations in factual Registrations  on location could be identified as part of United Nations Territory in Health Care development so apalling in Quality, that we can safely speak of  Criminal Neglect on the part of United Nations  to that effect. In the country of Lybia can we establish  in public, that UN needed more than 10 days to convene with Security Council in New York, which is  in the matter of Technology in critical phase of development and growth a Crime against Humanity everywhere by failing to be able to use Technology in Administrative Function already stationed at United Nations Offices and ready for immediate use at the behalf of Administration and at the convenience of Office workers  from accounting to Secretary General.  Failing to adjust to the demands openly out in the open in News Streams Globally by prolonged exposure to negative News. There is no teling when renewed attempts on Global Peace will emerge in patterns identifiable by  statistics designed to provide information on : Where, When and Who will be involved in imediate acts that will spark of conflicts all fought out with arms on fabricated evidence at the basis of conflicts other than the lack of leadership in Contrabande handling by Systems , taken from within the old diplomatic Frame for Contrabande by consecutive Political Policies defined by Government instead of the True Leader  as Republican and Traditional Leadership  of Royal Houses in Constitutional Statesforms o Earth.

To correct this can we not proceed with Economic Program until we realize a Status Mainframe in Network Organization Internet as well as Real Time more in line with the conditions that apply within Guidelines parameters,, enforced by Google Earth.

Rejuvenation is a Highly evolved Technical Program, which I developed over Tiime with my own Mobile phone, which has no bearing on It’s make, Custom default Heritage as well as it’s share base network in line with Platform for developers.


some more published  works today 04.03.2011.



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