This is Peter my Son and Greater God like Joanne my daughter

Thi is an abomination like me at work. I only have reason to believe we are done for.

Would there ever be a Politics in Heaven where there’s only a Vacuum instead of an environment or a UNIVERSE to come home to.

As I write do deformities take possession of the picture. Per Wilkinson on Facebook has published the picture where this came from.  I EXORCISE ALL RELIGION in Name of The Spirit tha cannot be broken by any blind Teacher taking on The Living Spirit. Please Mulsim World There is no salvation in calling all others to be in disgrace. We are all One and there is more wisom in the demonstrations that paralize the Mammon in posing as Leadership for Countries that never needed it. The Kings and Queens have been surpassed by One President. He truly is our Salvation I hope United Nations in Bonn you will see enough evidence by the powers of TV’s CNN.



I know this will come as a Surprise I did not know that it needs my World and personal input to make a World. So Sourcery is Magic and has precence over United Nations that stand down…. Or die within The Parameters of Anti Terrorism this charade has gone on long enough to know where we are in their Government by deformity and sexual abuse of our futures and our children. Thailand wait for the destruction of your heritage Tourism Industry and your image of innocence is fake in the long run.


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One Response to This is Peter my Son and Greater God like Joanne my daughter

  1. machinemommy says:

    Quick note from the Historian. A Bombing Arnhem – Nijmegen did serve 2 goals to stop the Gas for Concentration Camps and destroy the Primitive Internet coming from a Nijmegen PTT – KPN as the Diogenes Bunker is still the deployment of the Network that killed us all without remorse of a second thought for our afterlife in immigration without transportation to the new body.

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