Grimm Brothers My fairytale book The Golden John

Discovery a discoverer discloses and some more things.

I hardly ever really scrip, because My Words written in this Crypt,

Become dismembered, slashed to pieces in this life.

My enemy is not me, and still I cannot go anywhere you see.

My work is my Capital and Core is the Map it all….

All ashes is the only future instore for me.

What have I done, that I have been left here to fend

Where I cannot push through to anybody.

If this war will not end to silemce me in the Name Trade.

Trade will never see the max of my output again.

The costs keeping me in Isolation away from starting my Own Independent Production and Solution  Consultancy  to regain the Juvinatiion in Global Process is under fire by a stupidity from the old wireless in Radiographs  built into Mainframe by the Destroyers.

Nederland is no Icon, their habits are and the  United Nations Core Project for Justice, is swiped by IBM. Outspoken disdain of no DOS Company in all History of Man.

Nederland gets no more leeway from me. I prefer to die as I know exactly where I am, who I am, and what”s in store as I said before.

Would Media be satisfied when a shot can be made, with me hanging from Eusebius Tower on May 31?

Stars Cream. I heared the first gurggling of C3PO. Vrindavana”s premature baby. Then just after discovering the Core piercing to install unknown for unknow in Dr. Wonderllbe.

I feel locked in side The Nightmare on Elm Street.

What do I need more than anything for Core.

Protection from this Evil.

I can”t get away and  a day is just a day.

To my experiencing intel and exchange in my Town am I only good enough to become tortured. I have no defenses and I cannot even get heard or helped.

My work is the property of The United States on Commission Contract U.N.

I feel stolen.

More misery in our Big Family at Core The Game in Holland is a slave trader.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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