Aye Aye or the Navigator at the side of God

When Time is essence and I am beyond the Time  could the election offices forget to be ready as the prevention of yet again another hideous crime?

These are innocent pranks … but very outspoken…. Casting office never showed would please me endless.

Serves as a warning and after a permanent reminder. As Sofi is no Social Security number

Thanks 2006, but a registration in Tax adinistration, have politicians in netherlands really overplayed their hand in Poker for Power Play with the Joker American stile … The worst kind of cover up for this ”80s image of a higher class in Tax payers  paradise, This century the cover up came in manipulating system into never knowing when to quit. Civile Service Number is only a better way to classify our peers in contributions to the Internat that are Worthy of State coverage by a payment system that can be covered by awarding points.

It would serve community when all I am to our Country”s program would  constitute  One for All as I like to feel as One with all people. The way things are and the deliberate health Care to Justice penal adminstration which als is a rigged thing because Healthcare is a loop back into the administrative Computer of the Previous administrative trap of Public Service going private where the insurance as market is a dwarffffffff.

My details are used as my concrete block for a fishing expedition. I am standing nailed to this spot and have the pain of squeezing tearing at my arms to prove I may not leave. Some days they hardly notice me and I am ok. Every time they notice me  after a snide remark on full loudness across all the Public offices in  within the acoustic of town.

And since we are growing in our connection we could do with an exercise… I would not mind a Paycheck for working Community for Government impunity. After all They break what I make,  and then it starts all over again . The idea of leaving is always positive with a  finished module ready to Market. That is so  inhumane to take from me every time the trigger switches a step up they tumble us three down.

All countries in allegiance would also like a demonstration of the new Acadamy for criminal science in Computer Program which I cannot start up as much as th Academy to deliver Meta Masters is blocked. The Troublehooter was sabotaged. The Mobile Phone security for Maxima… Stolen. We have time… Stolen goods run out of opportunity to steal.




Clue is Transformer One Way and transformer conducts in array


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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