Would a Rescue not be a first attempt to Break a leg instead of kill my Future?

I can”t  do anything else but really fee sorry for Ghadaffi as a victim of delusion and some insanity that must have set in years ago and needs to be also considered as a possibillity that the wooly socks of Amnesti and Humanitas can and will pierce through where political arguments will only worsen his situation. Besides the exploits of my Anarchy in System  to dismemmer rigid doctrines is also not amiss, but how do you assess a man who’s own physician probably only sends High Bills for Placebo’s. And for the records. Vrindavana’s  UNIFICATION SEAL is momentarily in my Configuration  devoted to the Mental Health Board in Global function and Arts. So maibe this could help out in a situation where  personal interest  and personal gain coming for a visit in International relationships on the level UN, that would abruptly bring down the new leadership as the Coke dealer of the settled elite and a puppet for the next of kin who usually had to do the honors… I need a proper mission to start up. This isolation is breaking me up and I want to see on the outside what they are like if there is anything to life for me and not be jerked up and down by processes designed to give me to much on  my plate and no proper setting to work in. No escape for the wicked.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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