What’s up Doc

Dutch Financial  news this Morning I get a riddle to solve. Stockmarket Damrak associates are looking for pearlies. One of my Nicknames has been Pearl or Pearly and the plural is undoubtedly the cooperation between Eric and I. But why would they change their tune. I do not for one moment believe that our plight, is over and I could finally get together with the projectleaders at the Technical Universities to save the Program. The cause is the Injustice fanning out in the World, and these 6 years imprisonment have taught me a thing or 2 about Dutch Politicians and Judges…. The only good Dutch Politician or Judge, is a dead Politician and Judge . Everything I tried in 5 years ailed. Why should today be any dfifferent. From Holland no Change. They stopped to being the Hand of Evil stretching out to do it”s work and they are loving it. No Excuses, but when a survival should be their Wish, I would hurry to let me be picked up for the final adjustments to the statistics Program carrying my name. The United Nations always knew so there is no hiding anymore for the Dutch Government nor the Public Services. The whole World knows what kind of puppets they are and feel sorry for me and the Royal Family. There is nothing good except 2 or 3 p[eople that came from here. I am here to save the foreigners.

The troubleshooter


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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