I thought it was Repo coming to kick the Politicians Forget it. It is worse… Far Worse

A constant could also mean an Anchor. I worked with Media, the news and my undying love for Freedom and Universal principles that keep me from envy, greed and degenration by begative imagination taking me into the bowels of Evil to be chanined to the rest of Humanity  as blindfolded as the nbext best churchleader in Rome.Egypt started an uprising of the people on Januari 25. Tunisia also Januari, Yemen, Algeria, Lybia too which is is in itself tragic because Gadhaffi has mercenaries from somewhere else shooting at his peers. Morocco today Februari 20 a demonstration  of thousands to tel;l the king to dimish the power of the corrupt Government. News travels fast with CNN in the background, but an Item of Euronews this evening about Somalia gives an image I don”t understand. Seems that a Victim has been shot on a battlefield. The Doctor claims, that in 2010 2000 wounded from a war have been treated at his hospital in Mogadishu… Here it comes the victim undergoing treatment curses Adolf Hitler as a cause for the war in hewre and now and he”s still going on our World.
I remember our Declaration of Independence and the Adventures we want to be part of… Looks like I got what I bargained for only not the Environment. Here in Arnhem I feel as alone as left to die and nobody ever came to check if I really did pass on. The Work I do informing people of the situation in the connexion with my experiences in the Arnhem set adrift in Time and Space is breaking me up and giving me an enormous sense of uselessness and isolation. It is not devoid of the dasnger, that Iris Care will succeed in permanently shutting me up by another hospitalization without the chance of ecer painting another syllable in our Essay to C. I don”t know about you 7, but is a happy afterlife not the purpose for a Humanity that has been betrayed by a double dealing bunch of Chaos  portraying to be ordinary Dutch citizens. The Vatican has no more defense agaiunst the Christian Movement crumbling from the lack of  individual Spiritual Conscience while the children are still subjected to the lust of Priesthood.I took a step to call the second Computerized Network Mammon, and that they must be escapees from a cruelty in Old Testament tghat Jews called Mammon and was worshipped before  any other solution in the World. On Novemebr 20 a Black Mass in Eusebius did take place., The Courthouse did burn. Why in this City of desolation and horror can”t I get a grip on things. It is no personal matter that I want to be rescued from here. In this city I am left on my own in a sphere of total hate against me and all I stand for. What have I done to those people. The indifference of people from everywhere here. They  feel sorry for things I cannot change but they can. I need to get out and be treated by others with the same curtesy I showed them by Sanctuari (asylum). How idid this grow. In their own Countries am I an element in their dreams that gives them the energy to continue. I continue in a sphere of growing fear inside me because I don”t understand, and the people in Justice  and Province have won this city and when their physical World in the otherside replaces mine There will be an abrupt end to all contact in the Machine because they sure as hell make an impression that the hunt for me on the charges witchcraft will destroy more than a Universe we were not even allowed to enter.


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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