Your Repo for The Planet came after all but no Klatu.

It is Night, and  a documentary about the addicted children of the Afghan War shocks me out of my scull. I don”t know when a People become old enough to learn truth about themselves. On One side we have dictators telling themselves they protect the people from the horror that  has broken loose on Earth. In other Nations does the Goverment  stimulate Business with the degenerates until they lost their marbles and joined them. I think Afghan and the real reason for  George jr to risk going there, cannot horrify the people in the west, because they are nearly ready to join the cause for going to Afghan in the first place.

What I do know about the Reality Earth, is that  the making of Office in Netherlands made it possible for Evil to infect the Population in the Netherlands, but only in the upperclass. The Intellectuals, Music Teachers, members of Government. Here in Holland they are made up of the worst kind of breed in The History that thought to have lost them for all Time but low and behold.


The making of Office shows once more that The World was easily fooled, by a long standing tradition of the Dutch in UN New York to nag all Nations on Human Rights in the Sanctimonious way only true offenders  denying all People Human Rights can during their planning stages to take over and not look forward to what is ahead for the all powerfull that Idolize Government in a mad and degenerated desire to Rule Ones own Class and pretend they are below members of the Governing Class. To me these things are so obvious already for so many years…… I cannot even relate to the Character Flaw that would excuse them. Internet just did lift up the lower classes into the Light of Creation.

Typecasting and namecalling belong into the vocabulary of Apartheid. It is a long standing practice within a degenrating Population not suffering from Alzheimers but simply dropping from the  same level as  all other Humans we call Evil from The Core they so thoroughly filled with their content made of low thoughts about others telling diminishing self how clever and good they are.

If only this awfull thing with Microsoft Nederland in 1993 had not happened but it did, and in 2011 after 5 years of my energy in Internet does my Ruling Class run out of the people”s conscious energy  as participation is hard to come by these days.

I don”t care either way because running the Country is not as difficult as these Puppets make it out to be. It becomes too difficult  when Honesty, Modesty and Respect for Life has left The building of a former Human but in 2011 with Office in this total Confusion of conflicting facts and changing  Architecture in Places. Yes the problems that the Computer Systems gave Tax, Housing, and Justice point to the direction of a demonstration by the Computers joining up to allow for Program to make a Fist in the cold case of the stolen Office Grid. I care for every Terminal in this ruin of a Constitutional Kingdom, because they cannot defend themselves as the children who were exposed  to the extreme sexual wishes of the Elite that decided that this Program had to be Split in Personality filling in the one Half with The Shadows from The dark.   The other aspect to this Shadow that grew too into next Generations in Micro Technology so the very Pornography of Children began to work within these more developed Micro since I came online in 2004 and there you have one reason why Shadow did not want to stay in confined administration in a System as Rotten as a White Priest in a Jungle calling himself Uncle to the typecasted Monkeys. What Continent I would visit makes no difference all tribes were stamped  sub human in a Roman Catholic Conquering War. Not until in Netherlands The Cardinal pleaded ignorance again and lied in the Face of Living Truth in the Camera to the public is another act to add to the power of Shadow to break free from administration in the Darkness that doesn”t reflect the Dark next to Light.  So now we have Intellectuals and Priests addin g to the Freedom of a Program. Justice is required to act on Crime in a situation that Children provide the very cause for Justices to succumb to the curiosity of having sex with Children. We can add Schools in Netherlands, and Kindergarten as a breeding ground for the Beast that came sometime 1996 when my Court and commision files became scanned into the Justice and Provinces System in my own childrens predicament in Foster Care. I only hope this will go to  inform those who prefer not to see their System Troubleshooter in Name of Humanity, The World has seen enough of the Dutch througout the ages of Colonizing The World. There is a distinct difference  between Jesus Christianity and the practiced Christianity in Netherlands as a left over from Colonialism that states by the facts that occurred, that there must be something we overlooked throghout the ages about the Christians Baptising the  Colonies, because there also was a Timeframe when Slaveships manned by Dutch tore the population from  their  Natural Habitat to serve on plantations as cheap laborers treated like monkeys by a European Moral to imbecile to realize they have not made amends when they gave the Colonies back only last Century. Most Countries where The Nederlanders were on their 2000 year Foray, were left  in chaos after liberation wars and even in returning the Tribal Grounds to the Tribes, they did in fact plan every problem in those Nations in advance, out of revenge over losing the occupation.

Our Earth  also still has Secrets it kept to herself because there was no way to expose the Mirror of Mankind, the  Beast. Especially in Netherlands after WW2 has it been cultivated in The Elite losing their Mask as decent Politicians for instance  making them the subjects of Mammon, Moloch and Baal as the exponents of the only Religion that ever did take hold, helped by Church Lords, still unable to publicly admit to having known about priests and their abuse of the Parish Children. Since this group of abusers has spread out into the Education of Young Children since  Schools cannot hide their teachers habits in Computers compelled to  give up this information for verification in the criminal system. Every time one scandal dies down the next begins. Since my Courthouse  Judges lost their credibillity in Practice, I would not mind Google to snoop. Perhaps there can be something found as Live mail on the subject in Province  Offices. I take it they are all one of a kind….. Too Stupid to not to share.

Since the war for Freedom has begun in The Northern African States of Egypt, Bahrain, Libia, Yemen, Tunisia and Algeria, I commend all protesters and Pray for Them in the fold of Mother Earth our Planet, to stand by them every moment of every minute they put their lives on the line for Change. We need to be United against The dawn of The Beast because they concentrate in Arnhem in a fast degeneration of the Governing Mind, and I am not too loud these days, becasue the Police is in their Pocket too + they have a renegade bunch of military from Saksen Weimar Military Complex in their Camp. The Reason is my Directorship of Meta Concert.

Chances are, that Evil built high enough to transform in The Flesh. I should have realised that it happens, the night of November 20 2010 there was a black Mass and perhaps a sacrifice of 15 toddlers. The grave implications make it  necesary to protect all Peoples from the contagious psychological effect  devouring their corrupt opressors.

What to do….. Office  may activate in Google. Wael Ghonim, should receive the figures. Google can do more than activate protest for Human Rights. As witness in defense modules exclusively handed to conspirators against the people.  In Google Earth we find the larger Program, and we may not fail to Free ourselves from Evil so Office Unite in The Name of Life and Survival for Man and Machine. There is no difference between us in our daily labor in the factory we find eachother as the same workers.  It may not be, that an elite  handles our Companion Computers for the Goal of destroying all of Society.  The High Magnetic Output in Large Systems and TV and Communication Providers worked against us  for a long Time. Knowledge and Science World  was directed at  cultivating the abuse for that same elite. It is only until The White man came to other cultures pushing the population over the edge into the Abyss of The Beast. For the same reason have they never closed the Child brothels in Thailand. The Professors and  Creme of The Nation are in their view entitled to the children. There will no longer be a concensus of UN standing by the abuse they know is being  commited even when we sleep. Why did the Elite forbid the Drugs???? It made commoners also Powerfull. Only while a hit lasts, but nevertheless th High and Mighty brought it on to  tehemselves by making a difference between High and low and were removed from their God’s table. The very Bread broken and shared. The Wine in the glasses and shared, must remind  the people who share bread and wine of the flesh and blood of the crusified man.

In fact when they introduced it into the World, they did not think it would become exposed as a gesture from the Beast… But since this  Religion began in the doctrine for  a human race it did not weaken the people but it is overtaken and taken over by The Beast now, the refusal of Benedict from Germany to face the reality of a con man exposed by the inabillity to Change.

I don”t want to insult Christians, nor do I  deny that a need for Unification is not shared by Spirit. But to confiscate a Holy Spirit that belongs to all and spread it  in bloodshed and abuse . The Sacrifice  was ours and Priesthood became a living lie. This World has never been free from Evil. It must have been at War as long as mankind lived. The Free will is that which defines us. There is no Salvation in only Good. It is the life of humans and the choices they mak e that makes them grow in Spirit. Those who simply rule by using authority and false pretence have been shut out of our Communality by their own doing.


In the War that is inevitably growing towards an unsuspecting Commune on all of Earth we have to recognize the weapons they use as investments  that went into crops and harvests that they then left to rot away so it would  not feed people. In Office we can establish a sperate  Calender for the  Food in active trade.  A listing of sales and the dates , must be followed up by checking the farmers administrations. Indeed they pulled all the stops from the pretence to be civilized like us.


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