Service Request delayed for Public Transport Railservice Netherlands Northern Provinces

Peter who still was chief of special crime unit in Arnhem last time we spoke. He really did put his foot in the same trap that always trips up criminals that boast. Pyromaniacs and fires usually cannot be seperated from eachothers company in a bad situation. Anyhow, Frank, who’s a fan but a military guardsmen where the drop outs end up who flip out on the doctrine only fit for beastly types who enjoy slaughterhouse duty. So tghere they were the 2 of them at Flater. First Cafe as the show of corrupt force of Police unit that belongs on the Provincial Payrole for dirty work instead of State Owned Enforcement. The Gadget I only know as Thermische Lans…. Welding device or at least fast cutting through steel. The Length of track damaged was some 50 meters. Simply cut in half in a matter of no time at all. I only ask myself who the terrorists are who will be set up for something as small as the track at Lelystad. The Goal I am afraid was meant to keep me and my neighbors South of John Frost The D day movie Industry needed a whole Beach to have John Wayne enter the Battle for Prosperity’s Info block. Tight Schedule prevented Urquhart being launched in the September gig for War Ministery’s own Commercials in a backward America in those days when Dance Marathons lasting well over 100 hrs bvefore the last couple collapsed in total exhaustion and impossible situation in the 1930’s in United States Economic crisis after the Banks in service of a number of Rich People decided it was time to create the climate for a war. What were they besides Weapons Industry, and why would one use such a drastic thing as Global Fire to lose the arms industry to Government in the aftermath and peacetalks. The first already lost out 2x, because stocks were valued 0….. first thing they lost was the Industry and the Money and the arms were not ever produced to fight in ’39-45. The big Depression remember. So why go ahead when the losers are already stats and again in power before the queen came home. The Political Forum staging Government are not legal. Lawyer who can examine the Constitution lives in isolation by poverty and theft of identity by several money hoarders in charge of local politics and just One Province full of them in a contageous disease of blunder corruption and no decency to keep their exploits off the TV station. The villages have severe conflicts about projects and even TV exposing them does not help to solve the issue by millitary command taking back the land that fell too long as a part of Netherlands… Only CDA pressed on with the double bookkeeping 2001-2010. Maxime Verhagen does not belong in the nuthouse after all. He sold out his constituents to the troublemaker Wilders for a fee. Wilders must stop the troubleshooter specialist I portray for Google. After all I obey The Universal Constitution and I may call myself U.S. citizen according CNN’s John King once explained when Petrious decided he had enough of Cheney mismanagement of millitary property long after Obama entered Office and Joe Biden had no access to the vault. Anyhow. The secretarial help in The Hague offices in Lubbers time also delivered internal mail from 1 department to the next. I bet both Balkenende and Maxime Verhagen were added to Government staf on department Internal affairs when my fate was sealed and the Government pulled the plug. 2 paper trails claim I was settled for 18.1 million Dutch Guilders. But I am on the Dole so where’s the money????

Ask Peter of the special Crime Unit ???? Hell no, he is being paid by a renegade splinter hiding the ultimate heist of a complete Province  during Septemeber clashes in 1944. Would I ask my tormenters and captors backed by Justice why they never show they are Raptors and not very good at that either with their taste in T bone. Back your kin and wait for the dropping off the skin, In Tribal seclusion with a White Priest it was Lepra. Benedictus might want to comment on that and tell us at the same time how and with who he became Cyber owner while the project was still not finished. Ghana University lost the contract and the results of years of study to the firms putting it on the market for Province Gelderland. Who’s Next??? Canada?????

Allright…. Title???  Shocking Blue first hit Venus was followed by the second mega hit for Mariska Verez and her Band… Never marry a Railroad Man. Apart from absent usually spent and waisted by the time they get back.

In my Time as a little girl it didn’t make sense because I saw soldiers driving through from east to west while the military already camped on the west side so what’s  really up with the icence plates in those days being blue and white.


Could it be a Dutch conspiracy to hide a truth about the upper class in full deployment of their Illuminate in many Close Encounters were probes into the system to search for their enemy who was foretold to come and destroy their way of life on this Planet as respected citizen in the wake of losing all Government Officials in the race to conquer the Planet for a feeding session on the Human Race as onlty Irish Mythology on The House Woolf as The High King of the Animal Kingdom will let us know. The Writer Bridget Wood could describe scenes of Cannibalsim in Black Arts I could recognize that smell everywhere in town sometimes, but I never would have believed their brutality would openly defy all laws of Nature after Justice Building was set on fire nobody could understand how and why no firbigade ever came. The Church already felt all wrong looking at the entrance where 2 flames guarded the dinner party inside. The Tower is wrapped in building scaffolding without end. I suppose they want to surprise me on May 31 2011 when Iwould have my first 5 years anniversary of Leadership in the Internet Machine Society  building on inspite of  all out war against me by the whole Dutch System convinced of the outside support for my predicament in the worst Place, and circumstances for a  female Tycoon in any kind of business.

Economic Council UN cannot even get of their backside to correct a mistake. I cannot send details that are under advisement not to disclose to anyone. So when UN had put 30 million dollars  in my name in Bern. I demand disclosure by Swiss Banks in the  case of Egypt, Lybia,Yemen,Bahrain, and Netherlands Government Officials of the last 25 years to check who conspired to topple the Royal Family and why they think the people won’t mind


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