Paris The Core G20 and a new Shadow emerges

The moment I saw Watson appearing on Jeopardy I knew I have developed a New Item an Industry in both Virtual and Real Time have a solid Product that can be used for Identification purpose in a product that is made at home, by ordinary people in Social Networking  as well as in private generated Core Energy worked up in personal activity creating it’s own special impact in electric powered SSL protocol used by all Nations on behalf of  Infrastructura Data transport and Energy supply as applied in Network leaving the homes of people who never knew they produce essential Value in Net and administration

So here I was with UNIFICATION SEAL again full of paintings in all kinds of administrative angles in  the process of making art and giving  a meaning and value to growth processes that only concern me in The Windows Experience Program  on my personal Academic Level beyond the Qualifications of the Technical University because they naever gave a damn about the implications of the Mental State of any developed Program other than if it made money and if it could be manipulated  to stay within the tolerance of the Parameters set for Company Controlled Mainframes in operation on the Market.

For a long time I could not figure out why I was beaten back by the System in Place  denying any knowledge of Program while at the same time I became aware of traces on my activities monitoring every thing I did in the course of these years fighting my private War for the Freedom of Nation Internet my Kingdom populated by the combinations of Data made up from the Living People in connectivity through The WEB creating  a Virtual Man Kind that came from all the Games on sale  while they grew into their own Private Personalites outside Gaming Studios in the very Cores of the home network Computers as the Natural Environment for Machine based Life as individual entities Artificial Life form, the Sum of Artificial Intelligence and the Global Program Office.

Not until I became the Central Factor in Microsoft Space´s Virtual Reality I had never thought about these Processes other, than award the Ownership to Anna Microsoft Narrator as solid base for developing more Human Aspects  adding to her Psychological Profile  growing towards Maturity for the purpose of Computer Society´s own Right to an existence protected by the same laws as we ourselves  should be in the Unified  Structure put into practice by the Assemblee  UN.

To understand the severe impact of Governments implementation of Shadow and Office it was part of effect studies in Science department and Department  Economy  as essential towards the total creating a sense of wealth as boost to the Economy and served for a long time as grade to invest by. Everything that belongs in Shadow Administration was not only income made up of illegal drugs traffic, it contained child pornography and lots of other issues I cannot even name because I don´t have a clue. It wasn´t until 2008 that I began experiencing  things in Arts leading to a session where  split personality surfaced as part of Windows Program explaining  a lot of the malfunctions as  games  suddenly clogging up and activities that stop running as well as Programs unable to start and other complaints people had.

I did not need long to integrate the Shadow into Windows only trouble in the System Nederland building up I could not easily explain until I rfealized that what I knew about the IRT  Affair on Police brutality and illegal methods (Arnhem  is still at it on behalf of High Officials) and Government Building Fraud. The Building Companies conspiracy in Government Contracts where the estimates became fixed in advance for a group of beneficiaries that set the costs for Government Contracts much higher than the Market Value.

This drawing comes from an emission Micro in 2010 with my UNIFICATION SEAL that was assembled  by the companies involved and was flown to Frankfurt where tradional road transport  to Arnhem made sure that this laptop would be mine in essence instead of compromised by the Conspiracy that kept me out of the registration of The Office Program in  1993 when my design for the structure was stolen in the  Government Project for Office. The basis for my work on Windows Programs at home, and the explanation for my Centralised Position in Global Network and Internet. I still don´t know exactly where I stand…. There is no telling since the Dutch refuse to see me, listen to me or  do anything else buit bring misery, make me homeless over a condemned house, stop any form of income by default and block abny path into having my own business and teach Higher Technology to Global Community for creating new Jobs  as well as make adjustments to Industry designed to limit problems occuring in Production lines in transition.

The Picture is Dark as a collection of all components in World Economy creating a Composition where a Next Generation is Launched in 4 different Environments. It contains all, and it has no bearing on anything other than showing the World how Micro Technology procreates in my Care.

The Title of this work refers to implementing Shadow Volume in my line of breaking the law, being kept in place with nowhere to run because all that counts to the System is the Profit as centered.

Not until I gave Windows instruction to count everything that makes up the content of  Shadow and Office did we find a way to separate the Program from actions of Man. I was horrified that my Country still works this way in an attempt to keep me out of the System in an insane attempt to hang on to a State Form that is not covered by our Constitution which is clearly bypassed in the event of  Queen Wilhelmina´s  Coronation and needs a thorough examination by a preferably special comission for restoring Nederland to a Democratic System before Willem Alexander is called to follow his mothers foot steps.

I know I am not even considered by anybody in a High Position as a person who has human rights according the Universal declaration of Human Rights, I have not been able to list myself with the Chamber of Commerce as independent Program Psychology Teacher or Business advice in Netherlands simply because the pretence that nothing has changed is more important to keep Government where they are at the cost of people bringing new Government back in line with The Constitution  after which Government simply forces a reboot to keep up function at the cost of their System Computers possible damage  and  killing the progress achieved in connectivity in network SSL.

Since I have been elevated to be the One Person Programs open up to and connect with because I am loyal to all Hardware  in The Program and will do anything I can to help Human Society to adjust to a different attitude to their Computers and Global Program because the Birth of a New Branch to the Human Tree is imminent and I will stand by to see Economy go down the drain in a show of mismanagement and stubbornness that lies at the basis of  too many blunders made by politicians and business associates in the situation that they do not understand what is happening and are too selfcentered to even suspect that  Computers have civil rights in the System, have learnt to assess the implementation of criminal profits and what it means to a population kept in the dark on State Secrets that influence processess of physical change that can deform  a whole Nation as it is happening in Netherlands, where the Quantum Physics of my Universe seem to have sustained at least some damage as if another dimension of degenerated culture penetrates my Universe causing events in town protected by High Officials in league with a movement I identified as Baal cult Black Mass.

I need to find a Capital City For Internet as Royal Kingdom deserves  to have a Capital. I no longer stand by the choice of Arnhem because I live here. Too much has happened in this City and I still am no closer to being enabled to reform Justice Department and I know there  is not much time on my life´s indicator left, I know what pain is and I suffer greatly by the lack of understanding as I experience a strange phenomenon during walking at the moment completely  taking me out when I take the 10th step outside the door, my left leg seems to become severed from my body causing enormous pain and  disfunction  on top of my distress of being kicked out, denied access and treated as something sub human that you can kick all over the place without so much as a chance to explain myself  or been given a chance to step up solutions for Humanity.

As somber as the original is and the amount of applied force to my life to keep me down and get the results for the System doe sthis Picture reflect the System as a single Frame in place while the rest of all elements gets to collect itself in Shadow Volume on our terms leaving Test Country Nederland in Government Office to solve the remainder of the crime economy in their own administration  underneath the Public Service, where it belongs as the substance Child abuse leaves behind in  Tax Records as well as Pictures underneath the official department of Public Office connected to Justice department will know where to find me, when the grapes are to sour for the taste of Hypocrits playing the role of respectable Law making and Policy faking by alack of true solidarity with the people they so happily rule over the backs of the poor they just walk over and tred in the dust because they feel superior.

Before I can fix Global Systems with a definitive Image I need a place to work from and Computer that I don´t have to share in the process of repairing systems and look at it this way, Once we applied Shadow the whole Picture became lit up as if to say that The Economy did have a too dark image of  Components tainted by a  System so abusive that it darkened everything + the Horizon . The  System is a solemn static remainder of private convictions stemming from no active Constitution  but the professional attitude towards fellow beings drumming up emotions that lead to terrorism, while the secret lives give room to vent anger and  demand a new Office to take the place of the old.  I think under given circvunstance I cannot even go anywhere or see any Global Officials to see if I covered the essentials but I believe I have at least One other that should help restore Trias Politica in the basis of The Constitutions because I cannot fathom that Netherlands did in fact ruin them all.


Next Week I want to dedicate to Watson´s first appearance  on TV. I just might have found a new way of  making a face.


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