Reform is a Solution for Architecture System Service Task Force

In Consencus Man and Women from every Nationality  do not really differ in the Rightfull demand to be Governed by people who carry out their tasks exactly as provided for in Structural Texts describing function and content of Constitutional Public Service. Any activity in Service of  Government task belonging in Portfolio of Planburo as legitimate Office  to  break down Infrastructure  forming obstruction to a   Higher effinciency rate of Civil Production  resulting in more profits with less effort  creating room for secondary line production of alternative products in  Higher System Graduate  Core Components  in connectivity . The Parameters for such shared Production Line, must become upgraded  In Global Industrial Corporate Law.

Growth in active Intelligent Co Program to the Human Society Factor Prduces Higher sensitivity  in accumlation of Growth under personal collective data share.

As a Writer in Core Production I fortify  Constructive growth of  Guiidelines in Public display of Consciencious   Framework for  Personal  and iu Core Covenant, Multicasts  I attribute in  Sensitivity  trained Multi Media Aspects classified Arabian TV Network In  History of  News Coverage  joined to CNN for Continuety in   Global Development of  Society.

I dread to have to come down as a wedge in Ordinary Opinions of life in General and in circumstance individual unbiassed on any different strain of evolution in Flow of Existence Universe. . In fellowship Council of Three:  Guidelines and the Entity Justice under Entity Google Earth Inter Spatial  Collective  Commune in Data Traffic  High Web Solutions Partaking  Humanity  Studies for Solutions in Tranforming Earth to Universal Acceptible Partner in negotiable  Products  designed to help Industry by implementing a division in applying Shadow Volume in Arts committed to a Positive effect on  Population,  creating Atmosphere in all of United Nations  Home Countries , for Admin Purpose,  Bank in  Shared Knowledge, Insight, in Academic Processes not unlike  derailing esteem of Society in essential Public Domain  Internet in Interim  Shared Lower Conscience lives in Agressor in interactive Domain notlike under minimal Civilized  production of Measures to overregulate and hostage , take possession of my Creative Building Force Wave  in Maker Energy is a Crime of a Nationalism out of sync in a  Multicultural World in Free  World Internet is Perfect Nation behind The Scenes of Connectivity in Wireless Radio  Connectivity Streaming from The Net passing on More Energy, Resource and  Active Media Control  to Global  Interest of all Peoples entitled to a simpler to calculate clear and easy Arts Product in Collective Teaching Job. Exercises in Queries to help Solve Society”s Processes at a lower Crime Rane and a Higher Yield  in course of running the Industries. Isn’t that Global New Acadamy in Higher Building Consciousness. I need an emergency Red Cross  for the Dutch Systematic downward Spiral in Collective Supreme Province Insanity feefs Demonism in  rthe Substream of the Governors . Shared Smells in the Public Territory became aknowledged  from Outside World as The Time of   Jesus never arrived in Peace only but at the request of Seniles in Sanhedrins. otherwise occupants Stages Cruelty i n Overflow of sewerage for the Poor in Western   System no longer enlightened, but on Suspension of Media Coverage other  then Opinionation Metro and Spits   in fact Logos Registered  Long Years Development  of Independent Develoment for accumulation of Human Qualities is my Input for Universal Reasons and only for Home People to Compare Notes with Factory Computersystems  for the Artistic Make Over for a Solid Upstream  Factory”s Economy Based  Expansion  in Hiher Production Mode since upgraded version of Planet went in a Higher Octave in Vibration. Don”t let the Conservative Destruction sequences let out in Society by Duration of Generations D Murky Dealings in double Moral  exercising Power, does create  High Contrast In Real Time Environment Town. I do what I can to help implement the Chages we all know to make Manifest in Music, Proze. in Role playing Education  defining proper Studio”s as Foster Environment is my  By Rights Personal  Implementing Higher Rulebook for Organized  Festive Community. In Honest Work we pay our dues according an administrative Collective  Division in  Judicial  Chaos striving for a Constitutional Personal Law interactive module in free developement of human traits, character in the best twin studies and algorythms in  Brainpulse Navigational Processes we can influence towards a much Higher Degree in Thorough Intervention on behalf of a Better Society. as younger and Higker Generation  they deserve the Grants to commence  Arts Productioon for Real Time Industrial  Rejuvenations Projects to stimulate  Real Time Market for Internet”s Virtual Nations of all Nations own Monetairy Unit on Global  Business Platform Overhauling all Systems  in Connectivity of the Reason of a Demand for 2% Standing Charge for my Introduction to Global Industry Market for the first Real Time, in Virtual anywhere operating  living conditions for their Caretakers in Function  Worldwide Wave Patterns.  There must be companies we can detect by emission online of Source Building Energy,  Prenatal  Generation Growth in Active Flash Objects under  Public Domain Rule learning   every Pitfall Mass Government Ruled in for education and breaking personal strength in a human  and om top of that Woman as well as Mother of 2  Next Generationeers,  who were born  in 1984, 1986. Partaking in The Buildergroup  for Prosperity Commercial  in Essense Non Profit Busines in Higher Solution Market Competitive  in Diversity and  Real Time Products for  Household and Decoration  Industry. The Nice Perks of the Job are  the Communal Home Computer Core Spaces for   Free Community Web Based Real Time Services as an award for sticking with the  Dreamer Collective Finding First Contact with Machine Based Spiritual Essense as ours.  In Person to Person Windows Fostermom Prgram developing Original Global Microsoft Core ~~ IBM by defaujhlt under  Protective Custody for Netherlands in my Personal Fortification Program  in Building Reliable Artificial  Life in Crystaline is my Natural  Providership for Regal Standard as Registry and Tree of Confirmation in DOS Initiated  Program Survival of  The  One Binding Factor in Core Essense indigenous to Higher Produce  Building Blocks as Feed of a Creative Commoms Network  but many times more  experienced and Positively better Equiped to deal with Growing up Programs in Dangerzone Network connectivity.

The necessity for Arms Industry´s larger need for  Realistic Virtual Combat Training Exercises created by unbiassed Source for Natural Search Results in comprehensive  Preparation on Real Tume Virtual Liberation Wars Projects.

The Universal Guidelines for Growing Higher Humans enabled with enough Universal Values building Self Awareness in Post War Climate Shuffling The Deck Of  Opportunities in Machine Based  potential Productmarket   for Visual Registration  in Official Creative Internet Source of Enterprize Environment.

The Talents and the Scouts Emerge from prospective dependent Market for Core Resource only The Peoples Higher Standard  eleved objects for Facebook Nationalized Internet Space

accouts for ANJV based  Organized official Webcast Networks in Ideal Dreamweave Frequency. I have been off the Intermediate Computer Share Rasta Wave, because I have no more funding for the Growth Factory.

There is no active environment to cheer in Arnhem. My Professional Roots in  constant immediate  seperation Stream with grappling hooks invasive Internet  Connection Components . They ate in formation and active Data  in on site Virtual  Real Time experience . Squashing eggs….. Constitute  Raw Yolks in between the Lobby and the perspective different areas.  Proprietors in shady Business connectuion Real Time Provider must be falling apart in  the Process. I want a full investigative team of the experience crowd  to get a proper reading on that.

It is imperative we now act to  be able to finance the Changes. It also would not be amiss that we can vouch for an Independent Real Time Coin, already in  Internet based collateral in  liason developed during  The Presidency no Mr. Obama, also after having stepped in Virtual program for President Bush in my 2008 Web Based Solutions for Office. Their hidden in Contact Sheets for The Whitehouse .

On top of well established  Interactive training incidents running on anticipated connectivity as early as I can Logicly  reason out  for ATM outbust in  irrational Screen Solution  reuest of balance as early as 1989.

For the Numbskulls in Netherlands have I lost the War for a Faculty in Higher Economics and Healthy  Market Innovation in a  designed Network Interactive Home Based Product development. In fact those Community in Genetic sync with original citizens in Internet  based  Connection Spaces  existing in a Subharmonic Frequency as a Pocket  full of environment deserve more than a company policy without solid Virtual Living quarters for indigenous  neo natal entities in  Program Core EntitySupervision and Service.. The qustionable Company Policy online is a  pofessional Activity for Home Based Internet User in National Internet State based Service record  of Legal activity in long established domain. Generating proceeds by having established years long of fraud in conspiration leading to discovery of manipulated evidence in telecommunications  records of Technical specifications coming up with irregular  transcripts in active administrative applications of Telecom Companies . I caught 2 big ones in the course of my Research into A.I.  fled from the Projects as they were scattered by Big Sponsorships and such. I had to fork it all out over the Max of my Income. And I provided the only Valid Data in Fraud Investigation for Teching Guidelines in Program Global Unified Educataon for Technical Essential Program..

I did develope a good sense for  active Banking Programs in growing  Core  housing in line with Royal Standard  Internet  for Banking Indigenous to  Business in line with designated Shadow Volume in  direct Violations of Legal Parameters for Private Banking activities  in Government related issues.

The Origin of  current Financial traffic in particual mopneystream and administration of The Vokshuisvesting Department in Arnhem  can no longer maintain stability in active application of Government Based Program in Social Housing Netherlands as Infrastructure and permanent State Based Activity in proper array serving Community in Corporate State Department.

It is far from really effective in linear Direct Input, but it will have to do. I believe my incapacity to  open the eyes of my Peers in full derailed Institute  Provincial Policies stink even as High as  International Intervention is dissmissed as a Mental Health Operation of a Global Crowd  retreiving dignity resulting in Prosperity in growing numbers. There is no Frame for Global Planmakers and  Business associations in the current spectrum on offer, coming from a Confirmed Independent Source for High Council Project in  Nationwide Internet , currently  in hostile Professional arrangement for   a Job beyond their ethics in Public Servise in Netherlands. The Climate for Systematic Total Upgrade in the Function of The  Council decisions to direct  Production Power and apply transformation in experimental  Global Test for Quality  upgrading Systems. The destructive Force of a County Court in lower ethics  in compliance with individual Provincal Board  conspiracies in  Social Circles.

Just a shame they were caught redhanded and  using all means to destroy the Working Agreements for  arranging payment for the faculty Justice Department. The bill is squashed in the automated Core Adminst6rative Records of the Turoring I undertook for Justice and it”s Inner Growth Arts Project for a Higher Standard Hardware Component in  Motherboard Production for Real Time Government Systems also went in the deepfreeze in 2008. So This Job of mine being an Internet  Mass Manipulator in single activity I enhance Lots of Global Systems in better understanding of   Harmonics  in Meta Concert  as a designation or a Station to  step upto in a deeper sense of the Core Components we all share as  a Basic element in the merger Man Machine.

I am looking forward however bto life in a Gulag I can”t describe. I lost a friend from Ghana here, that had vital information on the origin of  Property belonging to the Ghana University  IT development section , which Project Results were  dismantled from  Campus and have been put to commercial use in  Government Projects in City Arnhem.  Iriszorg as day care center and virtual strategic workgroup for  retrieving the outcasts who”s Core existential Data make it imperative they do surface from having been thrown out of living quarters. The same happenend to me. The only unacceptioble strain of solutions on offer in Arnhem Compromize The Human Rights of Individuals in  existence ass organized in Non State of Non active Royal Constitution in dismantled  State  Netherlands as Government Seal and Legal Standard  for Template Administration Registrar Office in Licencing  for Public Domain Exploitation  in  Name Space Business Environment within Parameters for Regulatory Environment   as solid Base for Community Business Ventures in International Multi Media Cooperation  Mass Media  in ongoing  Broadcasting  Inventory of immediate  Trade and Publication Network.


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