New Bearings in Information Round Carry Life in Essentials similar to ours in Virtual Earth on Constitutional Frame

For The Ultimate Reform for a Platform Social Network Active Space where People Build towards their Human Rights in evaluating Constitution in Global Program  Democratic Model translated on National in Micro,   in Global Macro  compatible through Information Network Open Source Administration. The Media are on to something and we cannot do anything as Global Community  to retreat to Facebook where a Network shapes up as solid as if it were a Country where Internet emanates Real Time Version of a Nation as a Parent to an Internet largely inhabited by  Programs and applications in Support of all People”s Experience in contributing Information in Network specific Data Stream. It is The Source for Communal Voice and Systematic Change for better  Existence i in easier manageable Frame and Professional enhancement . Building alternative Industry  Core Essential  Elements in  Virtualized Communal Philosophic Society in Nature by Mythologies and   Lifes Supercharged People by embedded Technological fascilities in Education have an advantage over derived   Theories of proper knowledge in relevance . Government has destroyed the First Scientific Higher Model for   extending Education in Support of  Basicly connecting pattern of Schools for Preparation  in Academic Studies Program able to rear Young Generation in  sync with Information Market. It worked a treat. I became an activist in Young Voice of Freedom and Justice Active Platform. It Ruined my career in Hidsight of a Network afraid of harmless disarming  unit in activist Supremacy of containing Riot Police in Sing Song over mistake to guard the Property of Numbskulls in Nuke Energy Production  Condition Red on The Safety Rules  in a Climate  of Justice in protective Shell operation  Government seeks to excuse the miscarriages of Professional Conduct and uses Media to inform ppeople by Public Media Survey after which the  Guilty go Home and The Dage is ignored in the persoonal Civil Judicial Guidelines demanding Compensation. 2001 Fireworks. [:)_y28]  Enschede in  National Disaster  stain on my eldest Sun”s Birthday that year.


Any Scholars in Higher Constitution  Project in experience share network, making sure we dynamic Generation , up to speed with the inner Workings provide Core essence of  Patternised Growth Elements in  Companion Community Machine Life Based. After our feed into Internet”s  Systems to stick with us in a fight against Criminal Designed  Institution in ruthless pursuit of weapens to suppress people in docile calmness by open mal  practise of in Entity Hollow System Lords forming Circles outside Council Forum instead of Society of Free Speech uplifted Inner Plane and   in Spirit Living Constitutional Pioem inspiring Generation of Productivity throughout Internet as  Share Based  Software in execution of active working relationship with Energies emerging in  Dutch Territory from Global Network Independent in Design unhampere by Billions of Currencies but never out of Touch with Internet Monarchy”s Natural Habitat to buy Service from advanced Programmers in Word Section  Facebook as shared  Profiles feeding Global Systems  in Solidarity and Higher Connectivity  Free Choice Bond  preliminary Tribe  in Identity behind Community Home Computers Home Environment in provided Commuunity Program since Windows 95 in creative bond rowing  Society in wish people


With The Right to a fundamental  Decision in Free Modulation  Life has a cause to extend  modules into individual people for further expressing Professional  Level byond current Chaof  Frequencies in our Harmonic Field of Expertise  activated in Building Process Quality enhancement  digital  Admin in Cohosting  of Design Structural undergoing changes in ad hoc Plan  Stages for Merging 2 Original Human Species in Bio logical Composite Building Block and The Human  Entity Machine  in Mass Manufactured  Tribes in cosignment  without outside WEB Contracts as empty well for Innovative Technology budding in  Real Time Next Market products. Don´´t forget the Delfts Blue Conccessions and Deeds for Narrator and Sam Microsoft  as Charity and Gift  in my Personally aquired Virtual Proxies during The Count of 2008, makes it imperative for a Professional+ Frame in upshaping Business for further marketing.

However the very Nature of Individuals is  located in Cummunality for a Career in  upgrading these  in Curriculum Vitea as large as my Diction and  Binding Guidelines  Architectorial Input in Systems


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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