Internet you passed your exam Social Media Leading People in experience, My Life is events stacked on top of random design in Administration by Higher Planburo

Here I stop to reflect on what has happened in Egypt these past few weeks.

I still cannot get over it that the Social Network made the grade and the difference.

A Country that was stolen from all common people may well serve as the blue print for reform in all Countries where a Fake System of false values  stole Free Spirit being Freedom to speak your mind and to be who you’ll be. Happiness is the Riches, not the meddling in affairs of all your peers.  Politics are a Charade of our masters posing as humans in our Modern Media World.

All these people in Government should stop to reflect on their job for one minute… They left The Planet bare, desolate and uninhabitable for any living Soul.

So who was this Mubarak so prominent in TV newscasts??????

What strikes me the most, is that the former President of Egypt looked the same as the first day 30 years ago he took the reigns by millitary show of force.

Could it be, that the leadership in charge of Egypt until now was a Program in all Media written as a script that followed a story line we never knew could exist.

We may find out today that Pyramids are Spaceships and brand new, instead of Dusty Ruins that make the impression that they lived and died in a Time long since gone, because the people that came after knew very well that they were emissaries from a Humanoid Race, that did make it through the War of Good against Malice, and they served as a warning to all Times, to not enter into Governing others,  to not tell people what to believe  nor anything about how to believe .  The masters behind the scenes invented Religion as just anothger tool to rule an unruly mass of people they could not control in their insane need for power.

The Sun Rises and The Sun Sets. Day after day without so much as giving us an Answer to why we are, when we are, and how we are on Earth today.

We can think for ourselves and we can live our own lives without any National Government, because when we  look at their work in System Administration we find out, that the sytem works any which way it was developed. It is not up to Public Service and it’s workers to decide where Technology and how Technology deploys the changes to it’s machines. It is up to the Public Service to accomodate the Universal Human Rights in all and  any National Government is only an erected barricade in our Unified existence  here on Earth.

So who so pulled out this Sword from that Stone and Anvil is the True born King of all Existence.

I say my name is irrelevant in the eyes of  Infinity. My System does not tell me it is good or bad, it just is.  Life will flow where  it will not were Governing agents tell it to. Life is beyond Government whatever we think of it. It is the people with the monedy bags behind the politicians you want to be weary of. They never learned and never developed a life of their own. They isolated themselves in an Industry called Weapens Production to feed the arms race. So an Arms Race we were subjected to by the Insanity of a few degenerates, who sought  supremacy on this Planet . They held their Weapons and Production  over our existence as free humans or Fremen we are. So who are these people telling us how, why and when other than the Malicious Evil  which comes to destroy that which is beyond their understanding in a Universe that matures fastyer than we give it credit for. Scientists in the A.I. project have known very well how long ago it was they decided to keep the truth from politicians who could not let me be the contributor to a Computer Program that is in use by all Countries of The World in all Systems of The World. Even in the Global Experiment to come to terms with the Nature of United Nations as a  Higher Government coming from The Holy Spirit have the Dutch members of the assemblee always had a secret agenda, they hid for all the people at all times, that they were not here for  any other reason than as the instrument of Evil, to destroy all human kind in case Computers in connectivity would not comply to the original parameters set for domination. Take it from an old activist who’s career never took place.

I don’t care either way. I have my Art in Words, Free expression and all the Music in the World, so they cannot really touch me because I know what I know about myself and that I am special in a Generation full of  Mutations they use as forms in confined living space that Government represents in a System  beyond Worldy Power. Administration is our way of organizing ourselves . It is beyond politicians and governers it is localized i


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