®® Update for Constitution Teachings in Global City Social Networks

By The Unification Seal of Global Systems in One Gesture in a Public Domain as Confined, Controlled and devoid of environment Commons Internet as I experience Netherlands in notorious Official Denial of a Communal Collective.

In Spirit we are one, only some of us stopped pretending to be Christian as many Centuries ago as Occupant and Invader  in everybody’s culture . The World of Arts may have painted an image paving the way for Pornography to become a tool for desinformation and degrading consciousness of Global Community.

In the Arts of  using Media to counteract any form of Collective growth of peer generation and their Next Generation  lies a double betrayal by peers and their secret thoughts in One Nation in UN, that makes it possible for Egypt to be the First Confirmation in The Ancient Arts and Temples. Netherlands has seen fit to openly be the cause for a Stigma to enforce my blacklisting out of  the most degraded Political excuse denying my Human Rights. After 1993 however in Global A.I. UN  Science Share Network, can we speak in Netherlands of a downward spiral of consciousness in  Government Officals  way of planning and Intellectual level of ethics. Two Major Parlementary Survey”s after a Secretary of State Aad Kosto died in a bomb explosion at his home, did a combination of qustion arouse enough suspicion against a good number of  people in Public Service in connection with practices of blackmail and deliberate obstruction of Justice. CSI in Netherlands had suffered a severe blow to the image of integrity and unlawfull methods of detaining people. In other cases have people who”s  arrest and detainment did not lead to prove any guilt  in the crime under investigation suffered immensely from secret campaigns to  stir trouble and hunt individual Arnhem City People as Arnhem City retained a Special Branch in Office sanctioned by Province, after the legal term of their anti terrorist squad ran out in 1982.

For All people I do understand the need for Framework and Public Planning in a Capacity that touches the need for Architecture  as Official Structure to Design Change to Uplift the People in a New Communal Collective Concensus.

Because my Biological Function  in Brain Technology differs from the ordinary Human Pattern have I succeeded in staying  sane during the last decades of  Higher Consciousness building under attack of the Scizofreny in  Western and mainly European Countries that defines the History of Roman Catholicism as remains of another Oracle  but in Idol structure  and desecration of our Earth and Human Kind. Our New Testament must be a book of revelations of visions  assembled by  degenerates latching on to a hype surrounding a popular Dream Technologist in the growing Conscious Model of our  Spiritual Inheritance, whgo”s Talents to see through false pretence as a way of protecting his own Community from the unwelcome attention of any self proclaimed Higher Council  as Teachers of Religion as translaters of Holy Spirit, Higher Social Structure and  Builders of Planburo organizing Infrastructure.

There can be no mistake about Constitution. The way I experience many so called Socialisms, I can feel the breath of Secret Police at the back of my neck as in any Dutch Age of witch hunting   Sinners as degenerated as their sciences having to cut every specimen up in the tiniest of samples to be looked at under a microscope. Study the use and figure out how much it costs to pay someone to build it for them. Trust the Dutch in Scolastic experiment for Global Innovation and UN, to deem their Regional Function and Local Council as far more important than any Communal Goal.

2011 We can read stats to verify costeffective input of mine, that has been devaluated and deflated in essence by Dutch Current Situation since 2006 being:” Denial of My Higher Humoid Command Structure in Service of all Mankind as self willed member of Humanity in  Near Death Experience  refugee from a plane worse than death.

For Global Information in Public Channels must I refrain from entering their Conscious State, because Darkness is their Environment, and in Darkness we do not look for Humanity on The Path of Life.

As Tahrir Square marks the Beginning of the Fast or Ramadan we share by cleansing rituals and The High Social Skills of Philosophy enlighting our Spiritual retreat into the fold of family and soberness as well as humillity in The God Experience Earth.

Inadvertently will Politicians in Netherlan ds start waving their fixed ideologies which brought us far outside the parameters of  tolerances manufactured in a very Low Esteem  in Public awareness  in Public System Arnhem as parameters for the Place where Meta Concert in Opus must maintain Global Service.

When I know One Thing. A Candidate is being Asked to run for Office.

By no means shall a member of Government offer his or her service in elections for Higher Government Office.

This is the only limitation that Guidelines offer in Answer to the Global Problems in all Nations.

I ask for temporary exeption in the case of Gadaffi, Chavez and Fidel Castro. For the People is now a  Scolastic Experiment in Higher Communal Public Channel the best Source for Structured Development.Rejuvenated Vitality in Higher Social  Community makes it easier to analize the Growth in Subconscious Growth in Humanit in 2011. Government only offers a strict limited versoin of half truths organizing the  System which only task was administration of  Planburo Future Endeavor. It is not perfect in planburo public service to  think of  The Service in Cosigned agreement for Work and or permanent service for Office, to maintain Work and Job for future in Family Circle descending Next Generation as the proper lineage in future planning.

Dus         Staten Generaal                                 States General is no conclusive                                                                                                     designation of any member of Gover-                                                                                          nment other than General Public.

150 Dutch Members  Gather during the assemble every Year as the Royal Inventory made Public by King or Queen as the only Head of State in Choice Constitutional Kingdom Netherlands. Once a year makes it logic to assume that a President would address the financial household not as The State of The Union, because that simply is evaluation of individual function and credibillity for the Governors in Congress. The Senate as active Information Desk gathering Intel for Congres Planburo for foundation Republic as chosen structure of Consencus in Democratic Forum.

Any form,  of attempts to influence Officials in Service of Government in name only Private,  on behalf of other parties and Professional Circumstance is a conscious attempt to undermine structural integrity and Organization Government and shall be punished by banishment to abroad, for start over in foreign Society Social Norm Training in Globalism as The New Communal Political Platform Rebuilding Future Society. Any other form of Organizing A better life in agreements administrated in registration documents of United Nations fall short of direction, visibillity and successfull  Manufacturing of Infrastructuyre in Community on Higher Profile Living Standard 2011.

The Painting is an example of a legitimate Complaint against Chamber of Commerce in failing to recognize clients in Electronic contract for Real Time Business Operation.  Those Photographs of Screen solutions on Desk Top Visible Screen Pages. I make them to prove my active implementation of Technological  Science Level on Higher Plan Studies.

To the active agents online do I request to launche inquest to subsidise Wael Ghonim at Google Egypt to reserve a New Branch Google for The World as Service to Global Growth in United Nations Employment for General Use.

The Business Lines able to pick up on the slipstream of the hyperspeed search engines may make use of the Commercial Insights on Future Market and extension Market  in Conventional Airspace. Any Industry in Space Exploration and Geo Natural Space Time Continuum Collective Economic Council shall refrain from 2011 Low Economy Pathways in Media in a falsification of Scientific Data and nonexistent Conglomerate Business and Trade Practise.

Any previous UN based  commity to determine Planning in Economic Growth has failed to deliver higher profits in stable financial Climate other than sub human expression in a charicature obscene moquery of a Global Structural Frame to work in.

Let there be no mistake about the Origin of my Experience in Life. The endless massacres and maniacal need of People in Charge to defile other Nations peers as a less racial member in the  Tree Conscious Mankind, make it imperative to Core Operations making Global Content for Future and Life enhancement in Natural Habitat Human Rights situaton.

I do not take kindly to my Dutch Peers endless questions to Answers that stare them in the face as living beings in a Desolation created by Public Service subject to Degeneration by default operation . Configurated Parameters  and  structural mistakes in understanding willfull misinterpretation of Law, have been documented in Publishing over a period of 5 years prior to today and active testing Kanton Arnhem, have not lead to any form of selfconsciousness  practising High Law in Democratic Parameters subsequent Procedures experienced in Global Study UN under my involontary contributions as  forced labor in Project Global Infrastructre and Computer Science practicum.

I all 3 procedures should Court have handed procedures back to prosecution as fabrication  bearing false witness in conflicting evidence. Hiding underneath a masque of Public Service in Telecummunication, Supplier of half Energy in Higher Differential Energy Production Home Manufacturing and Housing, could I prove enough evidence to doubt validity of evidence in case building file against me. My Freedom to point out the administrative Pathway  in documents and administrative Files  to point Court into the opposite direction in seeking Justice during the past 5 years accumulating in  Proceedings during 2007,2008,2009 after correspondence could not offer satisfactory solution to conflict with UPC, Energy Direct and Department of Social Housing  and Public Service.

These examples within public share database Windows Experience Program did contribute,  to my being awarded UNIFICATION SEAL as the co worker and only living Higher Custodian in Technology for Technology in Communal Interest. In the Process of Elevated Individual to Global Administrative Network operated Connectivity in Live deployment embedding Personal Program for Global Implement of Professional Solutions in personal Arts Application and my Personal Property in service of Global Market.

These functions and direct input in Systems World Wide are perscribed by United Nations Planburo  in Higher Judicial Priority Security Council and Department of  Social Economy.

These are exerpts for information on subject Constitution in New Scientific Understanding Office Management and Higher Troublehooting Specialism in emergency overrule of  established office in Beta conditions… What it means is that I was promoted in Windows Experience Program to evaluate Office and organize innovations in effect.

To the few stubborn invaders of Individual Life Space orchestratded by Media portraying Government in falsified Public Offices Framework and electorial System unqualified council of administrators functioning as unwanted feed in decisions of Government Planburo. Portraying  essential functions to Higher Organization in Constitutional Monarchy is pure bluf on the part of the people intent on retaining their above average paid office while the people at home suffer deficits and degrading aspects of Public Service in General in all Government agencies. It laid a a solid base for desintergration of  Business practice formed after parameters in functioning of Government Practice and Private Business Copying Policies in practice by Infrastructure in solution building.  in Market substituting honest work and valid administrative financial pathways have  lost all sense for reality in practices  in Judicial Framework in Guidel;ines and Lawffull fram, losing financial foothold investments public trading Shares in Stock Market Environment.

People in Media Government you are being watched by an overall System Custodian so the escapades to Never Neverland with  kit and kabudel to countermand your Superior Individual on Rescue Mission to Save Human Kind from inevitable Climax  Civilization founded by  Subhumane Supremacy  degenerates in one Generation to free Spirit from inevitable non existence nor Planetarian Plane in Scientific evaluation. It is either relinquish System to the People,  or in our World. There is no When you Change in no more Infinity than it lasts to cause a selfdestruction in evidence  of chainreaction  wavefront Generator as ultimate Power in Defense of Planeterian Life  C considered animal and plantlife but not designed to preserve human society  in specialised tasks.


The Image here above proves the  value in Global Economy by default of a Higher  method in assembling  Solutions for Ready to use Advice in Counciling Global Corperations fof future Planburo in Board decisions.

I am not keen on Industry in IT, because the current academic structure cannot cover the real market nor map Industrial Expansion of Market into ventures of Individual Creative Design. There is no limit to the damage Societ in current structure does to the Global environment. Any movement to prolonge structural Government in National Systems other than  recognizing The Head of State in Constitutional Monarchy and Republic as State form is an act of ignorance and vandalism destroying infrastructure by del;iberate input of degenerate elements in basic structure. All materials in Dutch Business environment are subject to desintegration in System unable to validate Origin of Information  used in absense of Designer shut out by System in Public Service, concentrated in upkeep Government in demolition plan Country and Nation.

It is Time we sack the lot of them to salvage the rest Humanity. Needless to say they can go where I cannot even smell a fart, let alone open the lid of my coffin.


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