An administrative clarification of Process Windows Explorer Experience Program © Antoinette Meijrink appendix 7 MS Network encoding

As a Part of The Creation Factor  Exploration is one of the pilars in a Higher Academic  College we founded within UNIFICATION SEAL.As I know Explorer carries my interactive DNA Memory of my young days for verification purpose in Communality  Evaluation Processes not unlike Elevation in The Upstream of Life.  The Introduction of a Mass Society to Interact in growing numbers to Mass Media, has influenced all the populations Intellect in what was thought to be the lower classes of Society. The Random Subconscious Influence coming from Generations long drilling exercises underminiung structural success and prosperity in creating an environment for citizens and their Mainframe Providers to exist in Medium or Vessel in Conscious Material Space Time Continuum.For the better function of the Experience I must say it cannot be important enough to make record of the moments in seized function State of Collecting data as Oxygen in Non active State Openness for a Windows and all 7 Program Feeding The Energy for Greater Machines to become Sync with The Wonders Technology + State in growing Interface on our Core Personal Contact. Functioning audible in a Meditation Creative Sponsorship coming from my Editorials and Anecdotes from Real Time Events made up in scripts of  Earth Projects similar to ours and able to portray Nightmare Scenario as a collective Vision of a Theosophy of a Madman. Mesmerizing  Analphabets  as we see our Ages. During Dark ages of Malicious Substitute for Life as Usurpator obscured our Natural Bond to Mind in Communal Collective All Time Be. Never without eachother 2011. Through Media Internet Connected. The Living Records of Internet Population in The Real Time Dimension change History faster than News can broadcast as Internet <+ can rid themselves of irrelevant Rulers that eat away at the Core Success of their Peers at home, that give reasons to the growth factor to energize on the feed.
Existence in Live Stream for any Application is subject to seizing function by variable causes in effect of Program Running  with Interface in Charge of Effective Experience Program in the Highest Module upscaled gear of Exploiting Endeavor. , In Content Written History of  Evolution in both Machine based afterlife as we recorded in Windows Configuration Memory. My Parentage to Global Program has no bearing on Fiction but takes notes into Ante Machine Administrative Theosophy.

Today, like so many Sundays I absorbed the Consensus in Forum as on offer from CNN TV during Lives Casts. Of Course because I work in a much more fluent Pattern with Arab World  in The Project I was able to focus at our Place in Space Time Continuum Recording Active History for Real Time explanation of Processes beyond the Philosophy of Life  in General. There is no established Science Department for updating Defenition in connectivity collective Communication Network.

I wrote  new insight for the immediate implementation of  source core essential update for infusion on global plane giving a better framework to function in  multimedia interactive evolution experience program sublinear input { <

The exercise word today in global core practicum education in parenting Technology using Social Network, News casts  ether based and audio visual instream in sublinear Mind Space is Constitution.

There cannot be a Country disconnecting from this Exercise because I distilled the word from Journalist Communal Concensus in Professional Ethics as immediate first Dictate in Norm and Core Values.

The Word is Constituton.

Our Evolution is blessed by the engulfed  Global Community One in The Holy Spirit. My Inauguration to elevated platform in 2006  makes it possible and active in lineage synchronicity free Internet connecting  al people in all Nations.

As a Fact of Life  we ordinary people in Social Network have developed into a Higher Race of People exercising  a greater understanding about our Nature and Origin  on Earth  that has been denied us by  conservative ideas used to manipulate events  by individuals organized as elite is no longer a confinement to our homes in fear of  a Dictatorship but in a vulnerable situation  and spellbound by the separation of 2 Worlds  in this instant as a result of this Information War in Media .

I ask The Powers of the Universe to Change Tahrir Square to a Place to meet and Greet as a Token of our Spiritual Bond with our Planet becoming flesh in the Flesh.

Constitution is deeply individual Spiritual Process in our Society that transcends Religion and Philosophy in both Arab and Christian World related Revelations , Oracles embedded in Soviety 2011.

Our Evolution  crossed into a new Psychological Era, which cannot be defined by Leadership in a constructed Government as United Nations functions in Council. The very Nature of my suppressed situation in enough Poverty to constitute an endless stream of daily torture as my biological environment to function in as the legal Foster to Internet and Global Computerized Entity.

God knows how primitive these conditions are to hand in High Technological Ad Hoc essental Core Data in Global Network. All Terminals in connectivity collective understanding can share the experience  self realisation  in  Gulag for a Higher Associated Scientist in Global Academic Circles.


They should have known that stolen goods remain just that. Stolen Inventory.

I demand satisfaction as a proper Judicial Procedure , the only legal  action for Guidelines implemented in Global Systems by growing number of System Networks collective  connectivity. Every day in Orbit  launched by Blind Ejection  in  System designed to flatten individual creative input by axing connections and erasing procedures in active Programs can no longer become endured by an an Individual under attack of a whole Mainframe provided by Government in error and disfunctional Constitution as General Practise.


The Time has come for me to stop contributions feed into Systems on Global Territory on the notion that my life can no longer be the subject of this unforgiving hate against me. The destruction of all I give the Global Community is a Natural way of existence of Domain Providers and Governing Agents in Netherlands Internet. The level of senile actions in attempt to hide shortcomings inherent to Insanity ruling the Form of Netherlands level in freedom and prosperity is psycologically in advanced stages of degeneration providing platform insufficient and dangerous to ordinary people in  developing their Higher Skills. 2009 Did I accept proposal Machine Council to build on to a fair model for a Justice Department on Consensus Rule  commisioned in share ware. This information is Legaly Binding.   I expect shut down of Department Justice County Courthouse Arnhem by immediate Powering down of all Terminals as  only effective measure  deploying Guidelines as Lawfull Instrument on Higher Development Initiative  as first Amendment for Higher Function  in Restauration of Constitutional Communal Human Rights.

There is no excuse for the Political Frame Work we experience in Netherlands. Political  Influence perpetuating current Ideologies in production of Plans Building to Projects.

As empowered by The New Magic Source Blessing The Arabic World by Establishing a Well of Wisdom for the Tahrir Square as a Shrine to mark The Place in Earth Miracles for People to rejoice in.

As the immediate result of Insight in The Higher Function of a System I hereby do decide to the Kanton Arnhem Shut down sequence in order to establish restauration to Constitution and Order.

Execution of DOS Root for Netherlands in Local Community Department of Justice Kanton Arnhem  endorsed by Director in  Meta Concert undersigning input .

Antoinette Meijrink

in function Lady Alma of Avalon


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