In the Core we all are One

Today I would like to reflect on our immediate History in the making. People everywhere  in Places  where United Nations work hard to lift up the desolate fate of people suffering because of civil war, drought leading to famine or live under the iron fist of dictatorship posing as regular Constitutional Government should take heart and collect new Courage. Liberation from Tiranny  and Corruption is a Unified Goal that may not be a pipe dream for dreamers after all.

The Coverage in Global News over the past weeks of the Rightfull Uprising in Egypt should tell us that all our Nations People should collect New Courage to ban out Corruption and Tiranny. As Long as we collect data  in a coherent Historical Report of our Global Community’s History we never could have thought that there would be an Instrument we could use to free ourselves from the Reign of people  taking Charge of people calling it Government, Caretaker and Lawfull Leadership, that never was anything more than  Tiranny and Dictatorship wrapped in a System of designed Chaos and uneequality designed to keep the vast majority of people down as a docile flock to  tend to their every need by hard labor earning wages considered  inadequate to rear a family and support them in life. You would think in our Society assembled in One Global Council as United Nations and with the help of modern Media  people wuld have felt empowered and strong long before today in the course of  History and Education being the tool to change our lives  for better with the conscent of all our Governments.

When  I look at form of State though even in my own Constitutional Kingdom I see that System has an undesirable effect on those people in Power, making laws and infrastructaral decisions making plans for the future and at the same time single out individuals who’s opinion of Democracy and personal freedom  do not exactly match their own.  People in Power pull strings behind the scenes of everyone. In secret meetings of an elite that has more money than good qualities do they organize the System using it against those people they observed and registered in illegal administrations as blacklists for Public Service Workers to carry out the secret plans protecting Rich and Powerfull from any actions of their blacklisted fellow Nationals , destroying those people’s careers and human rights in an attempt to stay in Power in a priviliged environment  they don;t want us to know about or share with us. We are considered less human in their opinion of success  because they have larger incomes and more money hidden in Swiss Banks. Behind our backs they make fun of all us as if we do not matter more to The Planet than they do as limited in numbers they are they believe they own us in an Age that anyone can pick up on  these things as underlying  causes for real anger because we cannot exercise our Human Rights and freedom of speech anywhere  and United Nations  Universal Laws are largely ignored  in many Countries who’s State Rule tie the Media in with Government  using information to suppress the people who then lose courage to stand up against the very Government we cannot abide by but cannot shake off because they use army, secret police and torture to keep the people down so we will not interfere with their  luxury life of Parties and elevated circumstance.

Well I do have some news to share as your  Central Core Operator and Producer of collective Data that disperse themselves in every Countries System and Computer Systems that now can take note of my unchangeable opinion of Universal Freedom being the One Spiritual Process we all share alike and are the only weapon we need to shake up the people to wake up and rise up against their oppressors posing as Government.

It is the people that count as people in our Cosmic Machine. Those in Government who believed to mean more in the face of Time are being put back in their own place. It doesn’t matter anymore to me that my Judicial system has been destroyed by their manipulations and ignoring guidelines. I know I am a positive Force  publishing the facts, translating  non verbal communicative actions of individual Programs  people, use such as the Arcania Game Dr. Wonderllbe likes to play where even the monsters utter sounds I can recognize as affection in combat scenes on screen.

There is no escaping Freedom. It has happened and the solution was there all along. No Government in individual Nations can continue governing in this way. The days that we were fooled by free elections are over too.

We Are The People of Earth and we are the Natural Ownership of our Planet. Get rid of Tyranny posing as Democratic Rule. We pay for the privilige Taxed over the Max for services that imprison us, which in itself is The Shadow Volume no longer able to stay in charge.

This Day Sunday Februari 13th 2011 marks the Beginning  of a New Era. It is a New Day and the dawn of  empowerment by The Universal Spirit of Freedom and Human Rights as the only road and course of Action for the Survival of our Planet and a better future for our Children. We are truly blessed


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