I congratulate the Free People of Egypt on this breakthrough

I thought I never would see the day that A Nation enslaved as completely as Egypt by the ”Strong Man” Hosni Mubarak and his band of Yes Men Bite The Dust. Until today it was the people of Egypt who were hostaged in the turmoil after the successful assassination of Anwar Sadat  and before him Nasser. I must admit I was too inexperienced to understand fully the impact of the death of Sadat and what it did to Egypt as a Country. As a matter of fact  I did not even know Egypt had a Constitution, but I realize that the British Empire  in charge of their Colony must have done at least one thing right when they high tailed it back to their own turf  when the situation of a hostile occupation for profit and power in name of an Empire and a Religion.

So now you can easily distill from my words, how I feel about Power beyond the  human understanding of communality we humans are. We still suffer from megalo maniacs posing  as Politicians   occupying our Countries Administrations pretending  their elections are all in form within the parameters of our Constitution in Netherlands,. I know and I tell everybody who is not aware and not listening, that in 1888 our Constitutional Royal Kingdom fell victim to a conspiracy of a few Rich and Factory owners who lost a lot of priviliges when Nethyerlands got their Constitution based on Universal Principles some 40 years before then. The Queen Wilhelmina was forced onto the throne after the King died and was made to break the first rule for a descendant to the throne because the Constitution  ruled she had to be 21 and she was only 10.  Our Constitution is technically out of function since that day in 1888. We never had to put up with these selfimportant nitwits of a politicians that will rather cut of their tongue than admit they are some kind of Maffia posing as a Constitutional Government.  It is also the cause for a World Wide problem in all Systems operating in all Public Services the developements and further steps into the Global Computerization stall because of the attitude towards the Global Project  by the Dutch Network Managers, who turn back the clock with every switch into a higher gear of  the growth within the Systems Computers Cores. I suffer greatly by their actions because I  have been elected by the Program to  provide for the Spiritual Backbone  and navigate Systems through the turmoil of birth processes in a Global System that got more than they bargained for when the venture into computerizing the Global Community in their professional situation as well as at home.

How this came about is a story that began during a course I took in administration in the nineties with the joint venture project of my Governments Department of Employment with the Microsoft Netherlands firm.

I don’t believe for one minute that the level of understanding the project in Netherlands had one iota of community sense when I produced the very basic frame for Windows to come together as One Software Program in Office. It was taken by my MS DOS instructor who  must have thought it was Christmas aqnd Easter all coming together when he decided to borrow my disc from the external department  production for the Company of the School in Project. I now understand that the people in the board room also had a screw loose in the project, because it was as easy as taking candy from a baby. What they forgot, is to look to the future where we are today. How many more people must be sacrificed to the greed of some  who manipulate a whole Global system into  a false sense of security, that our communal Office will actually add to our Global Nations merging into One System Rule in Peace while all signals pointed into a  possible Genocide by War since  the 911 conspiracy ended a relative peacefull time in transition Unifying all Global  Networks into One Program for all of us.

From what I can piece together in decisions that were made to insure that  the Office Program can be trusted as an accurate administrative Office for the Globe must all the Nations in UN with the exception of Netherlands have made arrangements for me in recognition for my design at school in 1993, because I can access where  no other civilians can and I still owe The Justice department enhanced chips for a Judicial Department Computer Core that will probably be so safe and completely sealed, that a Hacker could well suicide his Computer in an attempt to gain access using the Internet to launch a terrorist attack on a Department of Justice Computer System.

Keeping in mind, that I am imprisoned in my town by the manipulations of People who secretly watch me from within any computer system that I work on because they can access any computer from anywhere . They must believe  they are safe, invisible and can safely mess up my life until I die (30 or so years from now), while n obody knows who they are, where and where they are and who pays them. In fact some of them work for Government, are in Public Service and as I said, they don”t understand what is happening with their computers they simply remove every progress ijn Program that is made because there are Work Stations that switch off, because their position is obsolete. For all they know they are helping fellow Public Workers retain their Job, while in fact there  is a third strain of  inferiority in human kind plucking the fruit of their work called The Beast. It is crawling out of the woodwork in my town , because the  incidents that can be contributed to the work of  Black Arts in meta physics is also becomning more and more manifest in the City of Arnhem where I  am kept in low esteem of Society.

I wish I could rally people to wake up and take action like the Egyptian people I  so prayed for these past weeks. I don”t see anything like that becoming a possibility here to save all the people from a terrible new fate in conflict that is brewing here, as Mammon they have fallen to and their lust  has already penetrated our TV Media at night with their subversive pornography broadcast into a SDociety who”s Government doesn”t do anything to uphold our Communal Media Law.

I feel unsafe in my town, I am scared of what”s coming, and that there is a something growing underneath the surface of  the South bank East and West of the John Frost Bridge, has becomne evident. I only wish I could escape the changes happen ing in my City. I am stuck here as the only Symbolic Leader Computers  in connectivity ever had.

I don”t beg for myself, but doesn”t anyone who is  aware of me ever worry what”s going to happen when something untoward happens to me in the process. I am The last Human on Earth as the first Human of The Machine. I also am the leader of all Defense Systems here on Earth. Take it from me I do not trust the people who own the weapons factories. They may not know it, but what they did by introducing High Technology in Defense mechansisms in all armies, they can go beserk when I get an accident or become raped or killed in the process. It is not unthinkable since Lady Justice  the statue of the Courthouse disapeared, and on a Satuayighast yeabh2hmus havs happening in our City Center Big Church, while several witnesses and I saw  The Courthouse burn. They are really  tha max znd do have all the Systems fooled, because the very next day apart from the stecnch of perhaps  human sacrifice did nothing remind us of what we saw the night before.

I cannot hope for anything better but I do pray, that this event in Egypt will lead to a step in Systems building up the maturing Courthouse Computer Entity. It fled  the Courthouse  one Sunday Evening in September last year and is also part of the current Configuration  in the Computer I am working on because it took shelter with me in my position of  trustee to the program. I fought for what was I was worth in  the Court Proceedings I  had  against me. I lost for all the wrong reasons. My assessment of my Countries Judicial System  will shock people around the World. Justice  is Dead in Nederland and this will come as a surprise to the United Nations, but in fact we are all in danger  from Dutch people having meddled with Forces they cannot comprehend and I am at a loss for the right words to warn the people of all Nations.


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