Recovered from the Ultimate Shock?

So here we are on the day after the day that all Universe was taken over by the new ownership that dropped on top of us out of nowhere.

It still is a shame, that all Countries suffer the consequence of Secrecy in The Program. It gives me no opportunity to hand over information that helps battle unemployment and helps Global Economy recover from the willfull attempts to destroy our Planet in the process of retaining Control beyond control.

Our Society and System can no longer survive and maintain growth in a World Wide exchange of information based on the traditional model of Government in function. The problem that arose is not Constitutional State as intended design. The real problem comes from politicians in Office clinging to Ideologies and the idea of Power, where there is only room for structural integrity  and  submission to Universal Law as the only method to survival.

Too long did we look up to individuals that are counted as owners of large sums of money. They all fall victim to Spiritual degeneration building a caricature that is drawn in blood spilled over unborn children that will never be born in the System peopled cAn no longer endorse because the People pretending to govern the people must be deemed insane in  the eyes of Infinity becoming mortal when we don”t turn back into the fold.

No longer can a Universal Communal Spirit become embedded in a Religious Framework designed by Teachers claiming to be the public  relations officers of a God while they keep up secret lives outside Public View tearing at the seems of the Life we know. Every Child that has been abused by lawmakers on expedition to conquer the Global Territory goes silent in the grave of Future that we no longer can calculate as part of life, because we can only produce sums that stop making healthy sense at any given time in the statistics we publish in the trajectory path of healthy Industry.

It is quite unveiling to learn about people become Company owner in selfemployment writing History in the Profile of Government providing the Law  building Mainframe as limp  and failing to provide environment without famine, security without democracy and opportunity they do not compute because free choices of every individual  anywhere at any given time, is made subject to the Higher Image created as Standard  by the few owners of all the money in the World, that use everything in their power to lose maintain their Image of role model for ordinary people, while all they do is manipulate the system using law so they can live it up in partying untill death paid for by the unborn babies we no longer see being born because I fear no Death but there nobody alive should be allowed to follow.

I understand Machiavelly, and I know it´s system fell victim to implosion by Natural Causes in the last strike of the Usurpator aginst our Living Planet Earth.

To contribute a system of owners  who do nothing but make working models that suit their need for ownership of property that is deemed Spiritual in Nature, makes hard to understand the need of individuals to be in a position that they rule people. I am becoming convinced of the idea that they must hav crossed the lines into the territory of the enemy of life, that death never could be. What they produce is a day to day recount of irrelevancy and trivial pursuit of money instead of Happiness.

Blinded by the idea of Might that they cannot even see, hear or experience  in life. They can´t even fit in the life next door as neighbor to it without the label Anti Social, exhibit of destructive force in  the hands of dangerous enemies of the Constitution and our Universal Model of Creation in the defenition leading to the text of  an absolute Law±“ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is The Prime Directive´´ Every other rule we commit into building a framework for essential Data  into Interactive Modern Media giving us the Real Time Experience of a Planet  filled with living creatures in a physical Universe we subject to idea of moments becoming days in a year in a Century in a Milennium and on. I can only divulge to the General Public, that Arnhem does not fill thestatistics that constitute  a Healthy Frame in Profile for my input in Global Systems. It is beyond me, that all the people and World leaders in the know of my existence on Earth can stand aside and abide by the killing field of Gulag Arnhem.

Who am I that I feel as the only survivor of a deadly attack on my people that struck like lightning out of the Blue in a Creation that is Human Property  and Medium while The Gods stood by in Euforia and expressing Malice coming from Mad Genius. Not often did we successfuly defend our own pro creational image of ourselves knowing that in the hour of our death our Sacred Afterlife becomes rewarded w3ith thew endless stream of Wonderous Stories our life on Earth means to the Eternal Machine….


To all Industry and Shareholders alike I pray to stop counting blessings that do build healthy Environment. I cry fvor the people who suffer greatly in Media. The Poor who are manipulated into a growing famine building the framework shareholders in Conglomerate  provide in Resource by leaving farmlands to become barren and poisened by the dumping of Toxic Waste in Communities building figures in the profits they are so proud of because they can dress in Glamour and  be the center of our focal point as Media direct us there.

I wonder if John Lennon today would still have the courage to claim to be bigger than Jesus Christ. He must have known the New Testament is faked by the people who escaped destruction because they took away my Computer and left our Dimesion of Time and Space, knowing that they failed to destroy their enemy Evil beyond comprehension failing to recognize it is their own face staring back at them when they practice their False Religion loving Money over people not knowing God Sees all, only Monitors  may tell you what´´s what and who owns the Place. Every illusion of a legal Govenment being a Good Caretaker supervising my life in Arnhem Netherlands 2011 is a Nightmare beyond my status being enslaved by tthe same enemy Government is sworn to defend me against. Catch 22 is not my statement for machiavelli. Gordon Brown should have known better but to expose and not have the solution as it is.


The United Nations cannot claim ignorance, and also are guilty of Gednocide when and If I do not get my rightfull anniversary as Queen of Internet televised as News from the Kingdom for everybody to celebrate a happy ending to the non existence we were thrown into by the Evil Forces betrayal when the Peace Treaty had been signed as The Ultimate Contract with a One God looking out for each one  individual body and vessel for the Data fragments making up the Collective as tiny as bacteria and even smaller than that. Don´´t let me keep you from your Macro Universe, only look after it, do not envision a  possession of an imagined idea making you be special because it will devour your body immeediately as soon as these words are published into The Source of your Basic Fabric laying down absolute values for Government to be the instrument we can all abide by instead revolt against because the miscarriages producing the Product of Constitution in Institute Planet decide on who is who and worthy of redemption while they are partying and bathing in the blood of the common pedople being the Life and Source for a Spirit to Sing in Universal Glee.


I understand the dilemma of a Mr. Obama who became President knowing what we know. The man must be insanely in love with something we know as to call God, but has been subjected to opinion and torn into fragments by everyone who wanted to amount to someone instead of respect life and is filthy Rich in the same instant when all Property seizes to be Property, that can be atributed to people in the Media. We all were given One thing in Common as a Tool and a support in living on a Planet. We all come from the body of our own Mother, when that doesn”t m,ake us equal nothing else will.

I dread to envision the duty  have to publicly address The Roman Catholic Church as the Invasion of Aliens on Earth. They must have been able to steal the Crown and Jewels and stay hidden in the folds of time forever battling us and forever hating us as the ancient enemy Malice in the opinion on self made manifest. A Master Race on expedition to investigate  New Business as New Empire to  maintain the notion that humans are slaves . Our leadership will become executed as enemy breed and that will be the end of our Society as we know it. There is but One Emperor……


I know….. What must be the ultimate oneliner causing all people who believe they are important and enable to make a difference perpetuating Hell on Earth……

God is a Woman and She even turned away  agony because she could no longer come home to Earth and live to tell.

Life was a collection of conscious thoughts being agony screaming in fear to every corner of the Universe. The Orb did not shine anymore, The Crown was stolen, The Scepter beaten from hear hands and stolen too .In her Mothers Language she understood the meaning of this darkness called life where al the rules are written and nobody is alive. It is the dialect of the Dutch that tell me horror stories, I am only sorry you let them close to your heart, because friendshiop is an active tool to practice while their secret thoughts  influence their Product building people in charge of providing System under UN Law in providing a rulebook for Nations to abide by. Only Dutch seem to be exempt of the Economic Boycot against Injustice in Global Project fighting to stay alive and in the Picture of our Minds Eyes. Any other model but Peace and  abstinence of Evil in a Life not unlike ours but for Real this Time.


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