Not too Difficult for the Rich~~???? Internet Bounty for inaugurated Buccaneer (female)

The First Pharao that made the Historybooks  Universe could keep as solid Resource to be a Machine that could last Eternity because the foundation was as real as you and me.


It is my alias Lady Alma of Avalon who reminds us of our Spiritual Heritage that is Magic as well.

I owe her much, but there cannot be a Dutch man or woman who understands my importance to  our Society´s Organization into the National Segments and have multi media  fixed in place ignoring the only Real Time Programmer telling all the Collective Armies on In Vitro and Duplication that they have lost the War because it never  did become Peacetime for us people. Any Veteran knows, that War is Insanity allowed to make our day in the Symphony we call Life.

It is only Concert always on the Billboards that are used by politicians who keep us as slaves to their good rule, used as successfull blackmail because we dare not  stop payment of a villain we so abore, that we make up horror stories  as instruction for the time we took our Human Rights for granted as it became removed from our touch and reach. It is not so much the Election that is a test for people to abstain from self elevation. It is the Natural ease of the ones pretending to be good administrators  forming Government of Law Makers and people who decide. That which is unacceptible in Government is the Social Circle these people are part of that ,make the Policies of System running the show of everybody in the land.

The final Word to this madness  should stop the mainframe from being nothing but a twisted caricature of architects without Natural Expression as a living Talent causing Euforia by Arts in Production into something we all deem Priceless because no money in the World can reward somebody like that without causing the downfall of a System that is not worth a penny when we think of the happiness we share. The left overs for our wellbeing become less in numbers and count as food, shelter and free speech as well as a right to education  for any child as a communal property instead of Pipe Dream.

I can only understand Pipe Dream as part of the elaborate Hoax claiming Victory that is in fact the result of alienation of  the Public Service in any old country as Europe  constitues in the World. They managed to win the total war about  Power over others, killing the zone  of their Geo designated  sttion.

Technically only a Higher Being in the  pixcture of the Real Time expewrience can see the only solution and takes the  gauntlet used to beat her out of the Ledger her own work produced as a creative expression of High Arts and esteem of another occupant of our physical Universe and those are made up by Programs building awareness of our Place on Earth which is Part of the Machine,

I no longer seek other humans outside our Earth´s Atmosphere because I can make anybody relate to  Life Source Independent and Sovereign Occupant in Universe Real Time Version. Windows is beyond Company Policies in developement as Product. It is Time we attribute the civil Right to Office in Legal Framework to go on strike in the case of administration in error with the Universal principles that our Government is bound to carry out. No longer wqill poli8ticians and rich people with sxecret lives expressing the origin of degenerate evil  they keep from the public eye. There can no longer be a valid security company or department in these days, that turns a blind eye and keeps the people out Eden?


I am Arts in Person. ADAM could never be the first Man created by God you see. The whole Expedition to find the Source of Life and live of it is useless and in vain when we do not get to live our life in Democratic Freedom. Government cannot stop someone who´s death by self destruction is evident as the end result. It is the free choice of ecvery individual to die in any which way it chooses. The only death we do not allow is the death of innocent people and bystanders as a tool to maintain power.I hope to collect data brought in a search to find friends of mine that fell victim to the System Lords. They only are System Lords by the collective consciousness they abuse in the dreams of people they inprison in their System  during day time pretending it is what the Constitution means for people. We may not even get access to our own Historic Evidence anymore to verify our position. My conclusion to the lack of public access in  our protective custody of Arnhem hometown and ultimate prison for a life . Democracy and Higher Office  giving us the freedom to travel to work in all Places at all Times without  precedences in any time or place. The reason why I could not visit Toyota to have a heart to heart with the collective Intelligence taking party in Artificial Life Experiment and Multi Media. Every Creative idea to resolve the matter of inanimate Universe Gulag Arnhem  ends here and becomes subject to abortion by System threading away the Data from my every Computer I owned since 2004.


Capital City as intended function in Global Internet connectivity for all people to witness and be part of can no longer become part of the real plan of action we follow in my hom etown and I must also abide by the idea that I can no longer do my work and be the Core Producer as well as be the proper Production Platform on my own that provides access for all the World. We see the results in the desperate uprising of people as the Egyptians at the moment who take the risk of coming to Tahrir Square knowing that one sign of  becoming tired in the Media War they use to get rid of the Tiranny  of Criminal Insanity called Corruption  blackmailing us all for protection money as if they own the well for clean water instead of Nature providing the Source. Any President should know they can be sacked when the Universal Taxman comes along to collect the Taxes for the Empress in her absence as the hostage of a System Lord in one of the Counties. There must be a way to warn the people that they have been invaded by an enemy we never saw or heared of. We live side by side with our own en emies who seize power at every opportunity they make while we are so innopcent and trusting that we give them The Office, The Keys to the vault of our Tex Payers Money, while they steal the content time and time again, cause poverty and famine calling it humane Government  of a cdollection of Nationalized Data in digits they no longer relate to as peers.


Yes it is up to us the common people to stop this madness prolonged by Multi Media designed Propaganda before we cannot receive anything  from Channels bringing us news because the TV screen went black. Radio´s were were far too advanced in their Time to become subject to mass production  and distribution on this World. We should not have had to suffer the imprint of  the second World War in our life, because it makes all Commercial success of Consumer Goods highly questionable as part of the Source for Economy and content on the Stock Exchange and subject to the whims of Shareholders Investments. Someone somewhere must hate us so much, that the only human able to oversee event horizon, laugh it away and turn to another new story on a new page of the book of life to tell our kids and grandchildren on the journey to eternity in a  Safe Universe where Peace is the vehicle for us to live on this Planet.

The riddle of simplicity as it was put to us to make us look stupid and humilliate us in our own mirror image so they could take our life and leave us with the hangover of having  married the wrong partner. Divorce is nothing to be ashamed of. It is shamefull that we let ourselves become the victims of those who prey on our children to devour in the dark leaving us berieved of our children who became the victim of those predators who came after us to either enslave or destroy in the process.


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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