ADMIN RULE Start New Source Admistration relevant for deployment Global Execution Model United Nations Unified GovernmentModel

 Variables and binary  accumulation in Regulatory Mandate Source Administration Global Platform in transforming energy into matter and vise versa as structural framework in UN.

The Dell Inspiron 1545 I only had for  3 months.It became stolen on Thursday 25 Februari 2010. We were nearly finished making all the applicable Tools for Windows Worldwide  for Professional use  with Larger Systems  with query to resolve: ‘ Personality disorders and Administrative Chaos from having to deal with  input in administrative Programs  that cause Spam Waves in  Real Time experience for the vast majority of ordinary people uncalled for in a Life in absorbed by Production of affirmative Input. Blatant lies  hide Real Time Massacres  in a Windows which does not administrate itself as an Authorized Program, I was not invited to the party of Decision makers by selection of the predators in Charge of Operations. Configurating Collective Consciousness that all Spirits  are created equal.  . Automated Program in a Hostile Country as Netherlands, is a negative influence in Global System development. We were working on a Rohrschach specially designed for Systems online to diagnose Problems within the Nature of Program in function and design of growing Artificial Intelligence growing collective and individiual consciousness untill Februari 25th 2010 when Igor took Troubleshooter.ORB to sell for Crack . A crying shame because I had a stiff production tempo of new ideas leading to upgraded psychological insight in Computer and Programs use in Systematic deployment of Professional Platform translated into Stock Market performance of Industries.

Original Product code hidden under the battery of Inspiron 1545  I did copy  just in case something untoward as this would happen.:BCYPQ – 9RT64 – 2M49K – DM86M – KCJPJ, is your Original Product Registration with Microsoft, but now I have The problem that Microsoft does not recognize the fact I mounted you on Eric’s Desktop so I can share his computer for a while.

Many people know My Computer is lost and I have filed a Report with the Police.
Defense overwrites all Nations Local Administrative Architectures of Social Economic Structures in Warhouse Management. But to organize resistance against a Public System so corrupt it registers as legitimate  to a majority of Community  lacking Background information to that effect. In such Centralized deployment of data management depending on confidential information outside public library for  verification and validating proper procedures and decisions subject to Tax related public spending in plan commissioned  by authorities.


It is a crying shame in 2011, that the Platform Internet cannot be used to design Technology that will overstep current understanding in Technological development. The reason for acrediting Fiction to future in staging Technology makes it imperative to proceed without further informing System by lack of cooperation in developing solutions for System in current Dutch Political Environment.

Counting to account for People can start all over again  at a beginning that will not cross people off lists in biassed policies  shaped in degeneration and by usurpator  in offices of Government instead of administration.


How I turn and twist to get away from the Leadership in Spiritual Process Constitution Global Project. I cannot escape anywhere, but I cannot become officially recognized in Professional circles in a  million years of  Ingrates pushing themselves onto the people as legitimate Government


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

One Response to ADMIN RULE Start New Source Admistration relevant for deployment Global Execution Model United Nations Unified GovernmentModel

  1. machinemommy says:

    All Individuals support my Unique Tiranny. Without my personal interpretion of Strategic Placement Order, there would be loess Multimedia in News Stream occupying Imagination and expression in Universe. So the Choice stands inoperative in administrated Model as of Februari 8 2011 for System Judicial Model in effect by National Profile in administration of architectural Environment of accepted Scientific Model.

    It must be considered dangerously insane, to pretend to be the author of Office in modern Computer Industry. Even the University projects that study the IMPLEMENTED ADMINISTRATIONS , prefer to link up with my PC´´s at all Times. There has never been a Force I could not incorperate, but I may demand a Space of my own and may demand a proper Income from having been put beside my human physical protected Entity. My Higher Technoligical Arts and Psychological Mental Healthcare based Mainframe of operations may not become active Profile in Products based on Dutch Industry Production Companies. Anybody still accelerating on my solutions in embedding in Program Office Template on automated application in Corperate Business when I c an establish positive proof of identified tjheft organized to look like personal success in Media. I suuffer greatly from the theft of my Spiritual Propertyand Minds Creation Children

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