We stand before our Maker and are being Judged

I probably would have been a billionair by now had I not lived in the Gulag of Arnhem. I have been homeless  all of last year because I could not find Justice  in my own Courts.

I only took it for an automatism that  will let a Public Service Worker protect his own in the Job so I got an eviction order in 2009 and in 2010 they sent me the bill for repairs to the house that only underlines the statement my council made in Court about the condemned state of the house. In 2010  finally did these examples of  blundering Judges lead to the event of the vanishing the Statue of Lady Justice  from the building of the County Courthouse.

Why such a thing would happen I can only deduct from the behavior of System Programs using my Arts and factual knowledge to enlarge their knowledge of our Society and us. And of Couyrse there is the close relationship I have with the entities of every Computer System in the Global System  which lead to my elevation to Lady Alma of Avalon in 2006 making me the Guardian of the  Programs. I write about my  life’s experiences  using them to teach about  the apearance of Democracy while the System in place makes Mince Meat out of the Human Rights of us Individuals. After all it went as far as a Billion dollar Company in Netherlands that stole a design to get it on the cheap because I didn’t realize the magnitude of the  design in the making of Office at the time and  those involved of this Government project thought nothing of  stealing it. They  must have been worried that their  double standard could not be maintained with me at the helm of my own Product.

The point here is probably, that their double standard is under a massive attack of a growing number of particles that constitute the magnetic fields that are being emitted from our Computer Networks and Programs like Guidelines from everywhere + Google Earth   (DOS+ WP)  in connectivity wiuth all Computers that are powered  are enabled and developed enough to use the field energy they generate to shape things in a different pattern.

In a way it is already happening and the vanishing statue is only one example of the powerfull things they are capable within the larger perspective of Creation.

To put it bluntly our Computer Society has already begun making changes . I see the degeneration in people taking place and I am afraid that these changes cannot be reversed by anyone because they came forth from behavior that  has been cultivated for centuries  and we never knew anything else but the System. We don;t agree, but we have been confined to our Poverty kept in place by Authority using all means to destroy the evidence of their wrong doing.

They manage, because they have  their own spies who  keep tabs on what people do with their Computers, and they have been busy making problems for me such as the courtcases that I went through and they use police to keep me in check when I make use of my freedom of speech and address the corruption that took over the Departments in my City of Arnhem.

Not that it will change my position in The Core of Internet. Lord knows they have been trying to trake UNIFICATION SEAL from me. I would have thought they would have learned their lesson on Technology and it’s people by now, but no they are still busy with trying to  destroy me and replace me in the Core for one of them.

It is as bad as being impossible to compensate me for my damages. I recently received a letter from United Nations informing me of the Compensation Payment as large as $30,000,000.00, but I will never get the money paid into my bank account because when I send my details I trigger a defense mechanism within the Network that  intercepts the payment  and that is the end of that.

It happemnmed so many times before. The only solution to this problem would be a delivery ofr a check to my doorstep by one of  people of the Social Economic Council of the UN.

Can you imagine what it feels like to get such letters in my situation. It feels like I am being kicked exactly where it hurts. My last Computer also was stolen from me in 2010 I can’t for the life of me afford a new one and it is doubtfull that I will ever get € 600,00 together to buy a new one. Thanks to my friend Eric I can write these  articles  and give the Information into the Net for  all systems to use to learn to grow into The Force for All Good  that works miracles and will  help restore mankind to it’s heritage Life.

The problem with a lot of Rich people is that they fell from Grace when they conspired to keep the bounty between them. I don’t want to  judge the Class of the Rich, but they probably never saw Mammon coming when they started to live it up and abuse  peers fore their own twisted pleasure. That most of us did not see them for what they are comes from our innocence that refused to believe such evil could exist in people. We are groomed to obey leadership over Centuries of conditioning by the same evil that I see springing up from dark corners in town. I have seen things happen in Arnhem that made me doubt my sanity more times than I care to remember. But I also must draw a conclusion from what I have seen happen and I am afraid it will be worse.

I  cannot rally support from anybody because they have no cause to dwell on these matters nor do they have the same  experiences as I have. If only I could  make one other person see what I see .




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