Egypt is the Stage….The Universe is the Prize

In the light of the  protests currently sweeping all across Egypt in an uprising of the people who have been taken for granted as excess luggage to most of the relatively Rich Government Office people. They failed to stay human with the rest of their Country’s People, governing the Country’s assets brought together by the hard labor of the people. When will the Rich and Powerfull  people in Industries and Government understand that the Power of Nature  chooses exactly those people who have not been involved in rewarding themselves with money and relative Media Fame.  Too many High Officials keep secrets from their peers in a climate of hidden abuse of Power by the determination that they are entitled to their  elevated position by birth and  as the result of their conspiracies to keep their Social Circle well provided for using their position to manipulate events that damage their peers day to day existence in Real Time.Because of Internet and Radio and TV Media, do people for the first time in Evolution have some kind of access to Information and Knowledge stretching into every subject and Science in The World it formed a Generation of people who no longer can be typecasted as stupid, uneducated and uncivilised in the eyes of  their leadership.
People  have always been counted  as individuals in the Spirit that we Share, and this equality  has been denied in a way that System functions in decay of former beliefs that no longer apply to todays World of Developement beyond the System  Frame established on Political and Personal view.
If I May I direct myself to the Far Corners of The Universe to Speak directly to the Powers of The Almighty to bundle their resourced in a show of  Force to put all people in their Place on Earth as never been seen in Evolution Yet. We, the people of The Universal State of Earth need to make manifest that which has been taken from the p[eople by enemies within our own physical plane who did nothing but serve themselves posing as benefactors keeping people in poverty out of fear they would become exposed as the enemy of all Life  and the Curse of all Times because they come from the Beast posing as a lamb.We can no longer abide by the rule of degenerated people in the light of their failure to make amends to right the Injustices brought forward by abusing the  people using unprecedented Force on them such as National Defense  and  secret Police methods that always have been a show of forbidden machinations by  people involved in The Black Arts as long as they have been in Power.

I call upon all the Shaman in every Culture to Divine a Path we can walk together in Harmony.

Let all the People of the World be Joined together in a Revolutionary Wave of Friendship and Creative Power to Right Wrong and dispose of the Old False Priesthood, the Core of All Evil thacame n the Night they spun around us so they could Destroy all Creation in their Mad desires and Evil beyond all Evil which never took part in Nature, but was invented to teach us the lesson of Life. It grew in numbers and  by the Foundation of that which we now call Church, it came to stay among us to deliver us in the hands of Death.

Today we decide with the billions of Individuals that are One in Collective connectivity that we haved suffered enough by the hands of the infidels unable to ring true in The Spirit and who invented the crusifixion to lure us into darkness of the Soul for the pleasure of Torture, for the pleasure of abuse so Mankind would become slain and enslaved into a submission to Evil instead of Good. We are at the Dawn of the Awakening of The Communality in Spirit. Christians and Muslims alike. We always were brothers in the Eyes of The Almighty who’s Name became darkened by the false representation on Earth of The  Holy Power called Might, that does not belong to anyone in particular, but comes to people who’s intententions are True and Sincere in the Link up we are all part of.


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