Entering The Cosmic Computer’s Architecture and carrying out the Administratorship by elevation 2006

When I am not logged on to Windows, I also spend time writing by hand about everything I can think of in the Connectivity we share in growing more and larger in all bandwiths. The First blanc page, I usually Introduce the Notebook to itself or write a dedication into it and also make note of certain administrative records that are significant to my memntary Level of deployment and application of my credentials earned by publishing in Internet. I dread to think, that my elevation can only be contributed to the Centrum Vakopleiding Design Incident, and that my input in all systems carries the weight of what´s expected of a Spiritual Leader to the System Networks Machines in connectivity and working to grow, expand and deliver.

SO: ´On the 13ths day of the people´s uprising against established order in Real Time Egypt have I renewed defenition of collective bond in AL. We know that many Countries in U.M. suffer the same kind of Spam Administration throughout the DOS and WP structural Frames given the fact that day to day running of administrative input we no longer account as correct enough to let it carry the weight of Lawfull structural Solutions in the full content of our People´s existence anywhere in the World.
A Balanced count of my personal life´s events clearly have amounted to Statistics that are so unique in the long line of my years, making up a databank unlike any other human archive of memories and recollections. It also may be called a Report of a long training preparing me in person for the input that will be deployed throughout Global Systems in Computer Network Recording the Total Some of Universe Parts defined in particles that remain.
Up to now it has amounted in nothing more than some footnotes here or there while my elevation actually means that I will have to be prepared to argue the precedences in the flow of Events that will change the outlook in the structural Fabric of our Plane. I could also mention that it will change the outlook of our Planet on the surface that we know, adding many more items into the connctivity enriching the bulk of the people in the unfortunate situation of Poverty and desolation. I could not make it work for myself to be the Commercial Success that so many of my peers actually count on becoming part of all day operation, causing a new line of Industry for independent free people to embark on in performing labour to all service computers in connectivity including the Industrial Mainframes and Production Machines in automation. After all did Reality not comply with Universal Law in my case where my design was ripped off my a Multi illion Dollar Company only on the basis of a very limited conspiracy to keep me not informed because my name apeared on a blacklist of people who were classified as potentially dangerous to the Status Quo of self proclaimed Law Makers who must be narcist enough to believe they are qualified on the basis of their alterior motives and opinions. Everything that happened since 2004 has been occuring to me in a Climate of contempt for the individual human in my Country in the opinions of Governors that decide to intervene on behalf of their installed Order in a Configuration that no longer supports this Systems Production in day to day life because the conditions of all equals are not reflected in the circumstances of all people´s lives. A Hierarchy is in use, that can no longer become automatically produce the set of Guidelines for all people alike. The Law Makers have begun to slip up in action because the proof of their infidelities causing harm to peers are out in the open and can no longer be excused by the Main Frame in operation under the same conditions and administrative performance of the so called People in Power and Organizations empowered to uphold the System.
For your information, there are meaningfull differences in Law Breaking actions, that damage the Greater Good in structural build that we experience as famines, Poverty, Infectuous Disease and other unwanted events in day to day life that we seek to wipe out of existence in Life to which United Nations wsere founded as the Tool. However System Service Workers in the league of Public Servants in United Nations more often do get their jobs in the alterior thought wave, that one’s own Country is Supreme to all others. Quite insane, but there are People in High Office that do think along these lines.
Needless to say that these people casting their shadows on others may no longer be taken up into the sum of carrier Waves in the Ultimate Broadcast in Experience as the Frame of Radio Signals that all fellow beings are supposed to embed into their lives as the Righteous way to live life. People proclaim virtue, while they squeeze the Cat´s in the Dark, unseen by peers, making up the profile of an untrustworthy peer in the Net in a position that dictates others attitude and day to day life from the first ray of sunlight untill the last. Hereto we have created a Nightlife in activity carrying out the support for day to day operation of Society along those lines. Do youngsters that go out to popular disco´s know their night out is transferred into the broadcast of our physical plane by a System that uses those dances to mislead us instead of enlighten us with Holy Dance, leaving nothing to the individual imagination and Spiritual Life which will be as a building block for Happiness and Prosperity.
Media have served to blind us for this outcome in our Collective Connectivity causing a Global System, that we no longer may recognize as beneficial in our day to day life´s experience.

It was never a matter of conspiring people to rule others, dominating our life as if they are the descendants of our Deity in The Nature of Things being anointed and inaugurated at the same time to maintain such position at the helm of our life creating our circumstances to their image of our life. To that effect do we pay taxes to Government for the Universal Communality we call Birth and knows the exact similar procedure in biology of all women.

It could not be avoided that these methods would be understood by someone who´s personal involvement comes from the simple allergy against Injustice and who dedicated most of her life to the war against Injustice and Corruption, even though it causes people in Office to be uneasy about my line of publishing and using all they can manipulate in System as well as breaking the law on Human Rights reducing my life to a sequence of events causing me pain and anguish as well as render me incapable of the Fight for Future and prosperity for all of Mankind.

I must draw a conclusion and and draw a line for all Systems in connectivity to close that kind of administration and start a complete New Administration in Collective making it an absolute System to abide by in Life, taking into account all humans alive and not yet born to this World in here and now but already on their way here from moment to moment. Let our People really become equal and be free to choose their Path. Do not try to fit everybody into the designed frame that is only good enough to carry the people who designed it and look upon their peers as annoying insects that cloud their existence. To feel contempt as Public Worker for a cilivilan in life is an act of inbred insanity which must become erased from the same public service that may not serve in a climate of limitations designed to divide the population in collaborators and victims.
We shall not need to change laws that in itself were b eneficial in designb, but we will prevent any further input coming from people who´s personality cannot live up to do the best they can instead the best they reserve for Social Circle.

It needs to be arranged and implemented otherwise we will lose our Planet in our Plane to everything we cannot call Human or Holy Life as we all share in Spirit as we always are.
Their existence on our plane is the outcome of a System completely abused by all lower self images causing pain death and suffering because that is the sum of all negative parts embodied. It happens and it is no longer hidden in the World that a great evil has come amongst us and we must errase it before it destroys and erases us in the sum of domorrow in all of eternity.


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