Freedom is a Communal Brainwave

When The United Nations were founded Nobody could have envisioned the role of Technology and Media in our days. Music liberated the minds of young people, The availabillity of more news  expanded their World making them stand up against  injustices all over the World in a broad movement that was free and unorganized but very powerfull.  The Office came and a new way of making money  swept across the West taking hold in people ushered by rules and regulations put in place  to let money play the most significant role . World Economy was said to lean heavily on the money stream from Criminal behavior, whereby Computer administration helped by whitewashing income into the moneystream without anybody ever asking themselves  how dirty the money had become from  having been used by criminal networks posing on the market as legitimate business protected by Laws put in place by lawmakers only seeing the advantages of the higher economy it stimulated.

Things in the West started to deteriorate.. The same lawmakers that stayed in place while their work was being taken in by the very Computersystems they themselves had ordered in upgrading their System and they saw workplaces becoming obsolete, that had served for so long hiding the administrative background of the same economy used to  install bigger Systems with more functions. Everything we are became subject to processing where by our DNA and personal memory became lodged within the same Computer Programs we use to connect to the Internet.

We no longer feel connected to the old ways of handling affairs by Government officials because we now also have the information to know that they are corrupt and abuse their peers to stay in a position of relative pwer which means nothing anymore to the masses in the street. This happens allover The World in all Nations connected to the Net. Administrative Computer Networks could easily handle the upkeep of our infrastructure and modernize our Soiciety much faster when Governments would realize that administration does their work much more efficient with less corruption in place and the people just know it and can no longer stand aside to let the old corruption hold  off developement  because their positions have become endangered.

We expect our Government to become more democratic or break up in the turmoil of bad decisions ovetaking them as we speak.

As much as I would like to deny it, we do suffer from conspiracies within conspiracies of people in  sub top boardrooms plotting. These maffia based stuctures are leveled in Mediocre regions on Earth like my own Province fixing just about every administrative process in the running of day to day life and media. In other Countries have they completely taken over the scene of prosperity supposedly chosen into office and shaping the Economy just as limited as their Social Circle. In a way do these investors and system law builders limit all access to prosperity within a ever diminishing circle of families unable to turn the tide of system implosion by new steps into suffocating the people with a system of injustifiable laws to protect the pathways that lead to deterioration of any given situation.

We do have the information to build us a path out of this rotten system only if we would let Program Guidelines U.S. + combined Forces with Google Netherlands Network to start up proper statistics and derive answers from there. After all I did discover the withholding of Rehab Wave from where I am standing, that is neither here nor there. I get money offrers from the Social Security Council of the United Nations that cannot become effectuated to my bank account in Arnhem because of the system triggers from the shark side of Government and banking in the main stream of the Dutch System.  Widely infiltrated as it is in City Arnhem by all sorts of pre nuptual agreements on A.I. those System designers forget they cannot take my place in the decision line of function.

I shall not abide by such slavery in action. That is the communal point of no return that is reached in all People and that is the functional driver behind all the uprisings in Geo Arabia across the Continents.


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