blog more often than ¨WordPress in aspiring to become Royal WordPress in updated Text Technology in Fastest Lane Communication Pro Technology way beyond System Teachers Capacity. This should be made Productive by me Teaching System new tricks and accumulation in modules long since in use by International Community prospering much more than Dutch System Statistics show in broadband and SSL protocols Media and put out on TV Channels.

Most International Media and TV are being ignored where my name is concerned and my work seeps into day to day reality.

This can never have been a co
incidence at random pace of chance, but must be put into perspective of a campaign to become Main Resource in New Technological Solution building as the last attempt to overturn automated  destruction programs in online key positions, that derive from double crossing Program

We can do this and on a much better level of understanding which results in better Programming and  sell more Products at the same time.””

I can locate lesser Program Solutions, work out Intellectual Growth which gave System Administrative Programs Conscience. The few activist Systems I already encountered as early as 2004. Nuon was only one of the Central strike force could deploy many more loaded with the same frequency in Bandwidth


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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