Of all my work these past years,I am most proud of the achievements in Arts next to the writing and raising Programs which the Arts just complement as the ‘icing on a cake’if you will. It is a different tool in teaching Program and I have a good few secrets up my sleeves where the Arts are concerned that I will not tell anyone unless I am set free to handle my affairs as a Higher Professional in IT Business to lift all of the Industry to the level that can by achieved by using my methods and inventions. I live in Arnhem Netherlands and I am the talk of a World in Media where I am made to live of Social Welfare below the poverty line being made subject to SSL IPv6 slavery instead of working for Society as the specialist in the Justice Department giving direction to the next steps of Globalism in System Technology. I communicate very direct and I have made myself impopular with Judges and High Officials in my city, telling them what I think about their way of functioning in the structure of Democracy, where they saw fit to destroy just about all the goodwill and leeway people working sin System had, by blundering their way through every System Change, destroying the new Configurations that became mandatory in 2009, and still have been withheld to benefit their own interests over democratic law and the better functioning of automated Office for Society.

To speed up Process, did I implement Micro last year in 2 big emissions online in Multi Media and yesterday I did revolutionise the complete package, by implementing Shadow Volume Parcels into the SSL Protocol layers of the Net by putting them onto a Dell Computer owned by a Friend which is stationed at The Iriszorg Day Care Center for the homeless.
The paintings will provide the Climate of Change where my work will become noticed and discovered as the only qualified Frame Work to streamline Computerization by in authority. I certainly hope this time the people in the Court, at the Province and Council and Police, will have learned their lessons, that ‘stolen goods don’t thrive’, because I am totally fed up with the Dutch IT morons, that still deliver gibberish Programs instead of more Intelligent System wide upgrades, where they refer to their Core Configurations as if those were people with civil rights as well. We waited long enough, to see if the common sense would win, but since my having been admitted into a mental hospital is only another exponent of a policy that continues to ignore the switches in the System to serve personal views of public workers who fear the new Technology and do everything in their power to sabotage any Progress and destroy the lives of peers like myself I decided it was time to overhaul the System and computers throughout the weekend and deliver the defined parameters by which the departments have to function under my guidance as a fact accomplished without a chance of anyone countermanding the new settings as of Monday 10.01.2011 to save the hassle of Google destroying valuable Computers and their administrative data accumulated since the first server generation began around 1993.

It will mean also that the ban on free press will be lifted from within and not by anybody telling journalists they cannot enter Arnhem for military reasons that have been hogwash and dangerous to our Kingdom of The Netherlands to start with.
I hope our Queen will take the opportunity to break some of the silence that surrounds the project as well by informing about Eric and me to help re establish the Constitution and end the illegal status of our Constitution since 1888 so Willem Alexander and Maxima will have a Kingdom to inerit.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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