Another year new chances?

To make lang story short is niot the way I feel I should go about Human Rights and my own position in the trenches of existence. We believed netherlands to be a Place where we were allowed our free voice. None of it is true and my hospitalization in a psychiatric ward should tell some of you that the madness came with the governors and they swallowed everything and everybody that came to help and bring forth prosperity.

It is a harsh thing to have to come to terms with but i don’t take it kindly anymore. I become hysteric on Haldol and the dorcors wobn’t listen while my bachelors degree also in clincal psychology is being pushed out of the memory of all.

How did it develope this way. By sheer corruption calling the shots I am afraid. Perhaps The Hague needs to make a statement over the state of affairs that linger in disaster that make out our systems ways.

FEMA fgor Widnows is behind most countries, only Holland keeps blowing my reality out of proportions. I cannot live with it and I shall not waver or stop asking Obama what to to next?

Perhaps I should listen to my body. I cannot take many more blows and lying about my lungs or my heart condition. My knees play up and I am in need of real doctors helping this Royal lady out.


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