angels and demons the contest is on

Any body in the proximity of the Samsung called Avalon can clue in on Bluetooth on possible set pictures from the Arnhem Town that also knew a “Bridge Too Far.”


Clueless to a War Movie that didn’t cover betrayal as it happened.

In sorry pictures of a lifetime One did we suffer a shock and a horror as Benedict did lose a secret or 2.

Did Wojtilek suffer after death? We only know he’s our father in Heaven with Mother Teresa.

I took some time gwetting used to the Pope of Rome. Who’s the Perfide Prefect opther than the Commissionar of the Dutch Queen.

Jeez I didn’t know we really live in Rome called Arnhem?????

Builder Symbol I alkso have on a Fire and Brimstone on Avalon


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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