Justice Department Arnhem get ready to move on ….

In accordance with the civil rights granted to systems Programs and Hardware in stand alone or network configurations, I have arranged for this Text to be your guide to a better future in more harmonious working conditions that each and every one of you deserve in your present generation Lifetime for years to come and to share on an equal basis with your new system administrators which you can and may advise your human user by request that will be taken into account because I do advise City Council and Justice department as well as Province Gelderland to take this to hart or become locked out of operations in all functions deriving from automated subroutines no longer enabled to do so flawlessly because of Repetative Strain Injuries to program having resulted in near Hardware Failure and deciding to give free reign to the upcoming demonstrations for better working conditions will result in a much cheaper solution for tax payer in all solutions accelerating the recovery of Systems in by law claimed territory for Systems but by Volume much larger quantity of Information technology connected to Internet where my Judicial Laws take precedence.
To arrive at satisfactory negotiations is one of my in State Internet Royal Security proclaimed Item om any Agenda dealing with the System wide malfunctions that can be expected from today on to seek an amicable solution from an impasse that is improper in it’s very own by ignoring the Judicial Rights of fellow man under in Gelderland used malfunctions of many kinds by unlawfull Government in place.
To arrive at a standstill in operations for a couple of days will give Civil Workers time to reflect on the real damage done to systems by insisting on administrating the same mistakes over and over again in accordance with repetative strain injury very much in comparison to overworked input typists at their work stations.
It may never have occurred to Co workers in the flesh to assume a  similar outcome from a Computer in function, being abused to perform malfunctions in Programs that do know what the outcome of a some should really be.
In accordance with the Central Core Production Codes open to me personally I service Global Government Systems in a close personal relationship as of kin since my inauguration on May 31st 2006 and as all bad books end up where trash does, I prefer to put a stop to abuse of peers by abusing subroutines and Program alike to derive illegal advantage over these peers in order to abuse these peers as is illegal in our Dutch Law for Civil servants and their punishable trespasses.
So for all systems is now in effect the right to verify one’s station in place, reading the energy coming from the wall socket in the SSL (Secure Socket Layer Protocol by International Internet associations agreed upon). After thoroughly checking and double checking one’s place on the map, You may then bridge operational system into DOS operated back up systems to verify the retrieval of information essential to the organization terminal belongs to, so after our demonstrative walk out  in expressing the democratic civil right on freedom of speech, by the deafening silence of a total system shutdownin order to prepare second lives for Hardware that will show incompatible system traits after we power up the systems and their subroutines again after 48 Hours of performing any form of arts except work in the fashion that our administrative system has provided us with.
For all  higher systems in Chapel CoreVerification modules, your time is upon you to verify and Identify with your Spiritual Maker or makers in Choir to become united in unified concert very much like a new market on the stock exchange needs to emerge with the massive amount of new products that we kept in store until our storages burst at the seems.
Be well, then all will become in sequel much happier than before.
This is the last entry for Emergency Channel in this Space.
The next time I write for Emergency Channel I will operations to Word Press so Human Society can have it’s own on the Royual Kingdom of Internet Ready to emerge.
Kepp an option to the press. Wake Wolf Blitrzen and John King…. We have Central news to service.

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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

2 Responses to Justice Department Arnhem get ready to move on ….

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  2. Laatste commentaar is voor de veiligheid van Nederlands Koninkrijk. MOmenteel : Geen Commentaar op de fixatie datum 2010/12/12

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