So what’s up ????

For many reasons that I shall not enter upon today because I wrote enough material for general public to inform them of the immediate dangers of Slavery lurking in Internet.
These dangers come  from establishment in authority places Governing our Province Gelderland from my own home City of Arnhem supported by the same kind of ill will people in the Justice department situated in the palace of Justice here in town.
As far as they are concerned they view me as a paria of some kind. This has caused me many problems over these past 6 years and especially the past 4 years of my reign in the immaterial Kingdom of Royal Internet as I like to refer to as Lady Alma of Avalon my officially granted alias per the 31st of May 2006.
In fact I would like to turn the tables on these people in office, because they have inflicted enough hardship on many really creative designers with bright ideas, currently taking up the ranks of the unemployed and in many cases they have been made homeless such as myself because they have dared to challenge people in the System.
What I did to become homeless, is simply telling the Housing Department to take their accusation of my shortcoming elsewhere when I was challenged in Court over my arrears in rent.
I explained myself thoroughly in case of my house where the rent had been growing in percentage over the years, while the explicit circumstance in the technical quality of housing delivered was falling short of the housing regulations.
To that end did my regular sollicitor back me up on these issues in Court but that was ignored by the Court passing  the verdict of eviction which then happened in October last year.
For reasons that I can only relate to as very corrupt did this Verdict come to pass in the advantage of our official housing Corporation which makes it stand in a daylight unbecoming  the very structure of our Social Housing Department.
I testify to this today agin that is an unlawfull way of doing business in our Country and it is an act of ill will upon the part of a Government housing Agency to hide the fact that City Council Housing Corporation did in fact goof up in the nineties of last century when they presented a rather prestigious renovation plan to the General Public, that had not even so much as looked at real technical situations on site such as my old address ‘Violierlaan’ which suffered a whiplash rippling through the very foundation of the building block when Netherlands suffered a 6.2 Earthquake in 1992 in the month of April.
So what’s  up next?
To cut the larger part of all misery short we have to understand how Position and money have chosen to suppress the lower classes at any cost to our Infrastructure which has brought much hardship into the homes of ordinary people not having any way to turn for support, help or financial leeway to battle this situation of ever growing amounts of rent to pay, sometimes even forced by Housing Department Arnhem to BUY THEIR HOMES, at the cost of a morgage after the mqke overs of the houses, which even hid the instabillity of the houses I am speaking of even further from plain sight giving way to lots of disapointments for people trying to sell of their homes through Real Estate Agents because they no longer could afford morgages at the current rate of payments since the money crisis of 2008  which was largely generated by corruption with the Dutch banks. This resulted in the housing Market taking a big tumble, while the Banks did lose their International Banking Templates due to the drummed up figures of exchange rates and falsified financial reports on Stock Market.
In April 2007 did automated Social Security Payments already suffer the loss of Trust inside the banking System on Program level without any bank able to lift the blockage on the money trafficking coming from the Government to the people in the Social security departments, such as the widows pensions, o.a.p’s pensions and unemployment benefits.
That this was not completely disastrous for the banks and the General Public is oinly due to the fact that I remained my own technical specialist, and was able to fix the problem before it could become a disaster situation  which would have cost Arnhem Banks their reputation as solidified Business partners for Professional Money Traffic.
To cut matters short in the matter of my personal Bank SNS, I know they owe me big time and I am perfectly within my rights to call it a day here and now, to demand damages to an extent that will cover the bill of the housing department, the bill over my ‘so called Social Security Fraud’which it wasn’t and will cover for the damages done to not only me, but also to my friend Charly, the bank employee who not only lost his job due to the brush off or cold shoulder treatment he received by the bank coming from board level. As some people who read about these happenings before may remeber, did Charly also suffer a gun to his head within a week of our repair job after banking hours.
I take the liberty to make a statement claim to The SNS Bank hereby to make up for the bill I should have presented them with in the first place, when this example of sophiscticated repair to the bank’s automated payment process was performed.
I publish the bill in this emergency channel’s update for today, and I trust Community Guidelines and Google in cohesion with SNS Banking System (undertow) can find a way to start of the repair jobs to my life and that of those people, SNS bank employees here in Arnhem did illegally exploit, block, broke trust with or otherwise exposed to any breaking of the law in order to give information on individuals to authorities without the proper authority or within reason as recorded in the Law on Privacy.
As I understand does SNS Bank in the whole Country already did take into account in 1989 when terminal on Ceintuurbaan informed me of an amount of DFL 6.000.000,00 which was laid into my personal bank account for a brief hallucinatory moment of communication beyond the timeframe we then did share, so I feel confident, that things being as they are, I will be enabled to cash in on this eventfull Wednesday Morning the 8th of December 2010, because I have found a purpose to make good use of the money, when I can reserve at least half of the amount in Euroo’s to help towards the Housing problem we suffered at the hands of Housing department which worked out so unfortunate, that people must now fear that they are no longer able to pay the rents, and for those people in the streets surrounding my old address who have bought their house without knowing of the rotten situation underneath.
For Charly’s ordeal I would like to award him an amount of € 50.000,00 to spend at his leisure, and for the proper dealing in the matter of my Charity in Function, I would like for Systems, to only put an amount of € 15.000,00 into my proper checking account so I CAN CONFIDENTLY OPEN UP SHOP….. Perhaps rent a suite in Hotel Haarhuis as of the 15th of this month or so which will give me proper image and will let me go on planning further on how to spend all the reward money for my work over the past 6 years into the Community I hold so dear.
To this effect do I publish my own account….. which is 96 36 46 907 and I hope to be able to collect on it sometime next monday, but 15.000 for my personal use is just fine for now.. SNS is bright enough to find Charly’s account, which I never knew and make it payable under ‘titled’"Reward for Service Rendered during the blockade April 2007" Thank you
Lady Alma of Avalon
Global System Guardian and Custodian Internet Netherlands

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