Royal Decree against Slavery Online

Please bear with me with the following: "So far I have refrained from interfering too much with operations online in order to  ‘LIVE and LET LIVE’ without so much as infringing on people’s civil rights in the respect of opur Declaration of Human Rights.
In order to explain what has happened to technology over the past four years of my being shunned by my proper authorities and having become discarded into a dark corner of existence because infringement on people’s own creative Spirityual property has been the ordinary Policy for industry and Government of The Province Gelderland to go about Spiritual property in this manner discarding many people as worthless and unworthy of their own place in Industry.
To make matters worse have I come to conclude the following:
I hereby declare all farming Online Illegal and unlawfull across The Global Internet by Royal Decree in my 4th year as your Elevated Royal Queen of Internet by the choices of community Guidelines instigated by Yahoo Answers on May the 31st 2006.
I have no other option available to me now to protect the interests of all Citizens of Earth both on and off line for the time being as long as this impasse around my person seems to block any trade deriving from individual creative input not being legalized by the proper authorities of United nations in all Countries.
I have never felt I should profile myself by autocratic decisions to implement my personal opinion on Systems World Wide, because I always hoped, my own Governing Departments in Arnhem such as the Justice department and the official body of Province gelderland would come to terms with the fact that my elevation is something that United Nations has imposed on them and cannot be revoked or be made undone.
I am sorry It has come to pass that I have had to put my foot down in this manner, and I hope the people behind Farmville will forgive me for having done so. It will soon ebnough become completely Legit when Global Community’s Spiritual Property Rights to their personal creative input caN BECOME REWARDED TO MAKE UP FOR THE LOST JOBS ON THE NATIONAL JOB MARKETS.
Sincerely  Antoinete lady Alma of Avalon – Meijrink  

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