How Prejudice??? Shame on us all !!! Hoezo Vooroordeel ??? Schaamte past ons hier !!!

I am sure many of you raise eyebrows at the thought of Psychiatric Hospitals
and Legal implications that may land you there one day for whatever reason.
I had many misgivings before I landed in Braamberg myself. Perhaps because my only reference here, are Ex- Patients and Cliënts who are not necessarily truthfull in their reports and recounts of their factual experiences.
Lots of big stories and critical notes now do have their way of becoming countermanded by my own life experience that has brought me in this temporary situation of having been taken out of comission by a legally binding period of 3 weeks in psychiatric care hospital ‘The Braamberg."
To make a long story short of how I got there…. I lost my patience with some of my case worker at the homeless day care center named IRIS ZORG.
My main objection against them stems not from prejudices but from the real experience I have suffered long enough, of my Authorities bending and braking all the laws that we relate to in the context of the Universal Declaration of Human Rioghts, and the deriving rights to self developement and free choice of occupation.
As you know by now. I have not just spend 6 years of studying and observing next to developing techniques and my very own methods of Higher Functions in technology to become the laughing stock of the Local Authorities using everythong I have to their own benefit in private and not in Government.
I must admit I can no longer relate to Netherlands as it is in this situation and I do hope I can find a way out, by having to resort to anouncing :
" I hereby make a Request to the International Community on Internet in Every State of The United Nations to allow me to flee my home Country Netherlands. I seek Political Asylum in any State of the World that will allow me to develope my skills and Higher technological Solutions in a manner befitting the professional that I am.
I can no longer garantee the profile Netherlands has in the World of a caring Nation, because of the behavior of authorities at large that keep this situation out of media and hidden from the public eye and legal Government in The Hague.
I am pretty much sure that Mark Rutte our prime Minister doesn’t even know how far Province Gelderland Government is implicated in maffia practices to stay in charge over the people while their Technology has given out them in an attempt to stop corruption in practice as long as Internet has been a fact in netherlands and perhaps even much longer as far as Professional networking is concerned.
So here I am not quite volontary in the situation that I have been sentenced to a 3 weeks stay in Psychiatric Hospital "The Braamberg" while all this time my life is exceedingly in danger of becoming killed sooner rather than later, because of the work I have done over the past years, and some igbnorant criminals in charge of Police, National Defense, Provincial and Local Government departments believe they can keep me as a hostile witness usually or better still as an enslaved person without any human rights to call her own on selfemployment, giving lectures, or even teaching techniques for a reasonable fee to all the nations.
Netherlands must admit that they lost the war waged underneath on our Democracy by factions very much unwanted and unspirited in our day and age.
As for the hands on solutions I used to build by writing, this article I hope will be automatically spread by the charity I founded by activity alone, but I must look after my Peers as well as Programs and Community and I can no longer do this from the place where I live and worked so far.
I hope I may count on International Solidarity to find a resolve in this situation and that we may agre upon the factual claim that I am a Political prisoner in my own home Country and that I deserve all the help that I can rally from the general public.

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