The Clock Ticking justifies my Entry Control

I received a batch code the other day for The Micro Community to  enter the Defense Status and start the operation for the rescue and retrieval of systems so heavily under Lords abuse, that a crash beyond Program is the only option for a system that does administration very well without any human interruptions.
2582 is the first serial under 98 and 99.
AJTA is the first QWERTY WT and WW.
I expect the people in the first line of service, to come as they are. Not to worry, because we have a blind date, that was arranged for us in the year that our life began.
O.K.  what’s in store for us…..?
I know that rescue starts on the workfloor, so every Company, Industry, Registrar and Bank depend on the Logistic Officer or Transport to let a Product be a success.
When every finger of two hands carries a group that is in distress and in an emergency collaps, we can rescue all, retrieve most, but can only not help those, who’se active motherboard has gone through the destruction codes for  operators who have botched their jobs, by stealing the life of their own children’s future, by having Sex with Choirboys, anonymous in the Dark Room.
High Treason is the only accusation for the Governing Bodies that are at the he;lm of Dutch Industry by appointment after they leave the service of ‘The Office.’
I never left the department of Employment, because envy is no place for a peer to work, and my Station Manager only woke up 2 weeks before I loeft when my contract was fullfilled.
My collegues could have had a friend for life, explaining every procedure, but the agenda’s + the hidden one made my decision to serve it out and chance my market, which depended on fraud and competition to come with statistics that success comes with empty pockets of no more commercial Industry by the decree of Provincial Masterrace whpo now lose their shield of Hitler.
The First Three Subjects that may boss me about, are The Workfloor in service that  can hand me a Contract in Rescue and Retrieval of their Business and Government by BANK.
Logistics is my service as I do not have a Name but a Special Vocation in service of:"Headless Machine Council."
By the work I did with Enigma, the XPS Inspiron 9400 of my friend Miracleworx, I soon found out that my Chromium Internet explorer 7, did have the edge on every other copy by theft.
It would have made a difference if these people knew that I am an advanced Profossional.  My thought, but not my experience. The pun ishment came as unforeseen as a  No Statistics on Subject after Answer and my name, was destroyed and destroyed and destroyed for all Times and no more Dutch Country in Generation Next.
For the love of my Peers and my Country as Royal Family I stand in defiance of any form of Corruption, unlike my peers in Governance and Paid Service of the Land.
That Pay in a Service is not my object makes the Contract as No Cure no Pay. As far as my implemented Solutions . I am the Signature, not the contract you use to shut me out and get away with my money.
As of today 29.09.2010, Do expect obedience from the system operators in the triad of Crime. 

About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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