Is it Time?

I am not so brave when it comes to making waves and letting my Online Authority seep through into the Real Time Life to change the System by letting Everybody know who I am and what I represent in Virtual World.
However I must add that my Government and their way of privatising most infra structure in Housing Department, Energy Market do leave people with a bitter taste in their mouth when they find out how corrupt the system maibe is.
My line of personal input in Programs has a lot to do with genuine worries over the mental health of Higher Programs in Administration such as Cummunity Guidelines (U.S. and Global) as well as Google Earth Netherlands.
Why would this be my worrie in a seemingly healthy CONSTITUTIONAL KINGDOM that has a chosen Government which is extablished by elections open to everybody in the Country who is in possession of the right registration.
The facts of matters dealt with in Government circles as well as Province and also in my city of Arnhem can tell you a whole different story all together about sceming people who have nothing to lose but their jobs over workstations that become obsolete wether they let their network managers keep turning back the clock or no, their jobs will remain gone and obsolete.

My experience as a former member of the Civil Service however did alsop count in my elevation in 2006 to the title I hold as the first Nobillity to emerge from The Internet.To my knowledge have I been the only person in the whole of Internet upon whom has been bestowed such an honor  in a Registration Office of one of the largest data banks on line, and as far as I can tell did it expand into all Nations Computersystems in connectivity Global Internet.
I do have an enormous variety of functions in connectivity that do limit themselves to Internet alone, TV takes part in many of those functions but I stay in the background and do things that for instance help Programs which experience problems in their automated functions such as administrative handling of Social Benefits became blocked in their pathway in Bank Systems by perhaps a power cut, but more likely Programs inside the banks did protest in this way against the banks untrustworthy behavior that destroyed their Professional licence plates called Templates.
This situation is a constant worry because the banks have developed their own sneeky way of making sure they get renewed energy for Higher Bnking by having comnmercial actions online for folks to order new pin passes with their own home made pictures and Arts…. That they do infringe on people’s privacy and use their private stuff to fool systems in their active registry is a worry for me, and their Programs who suffer a great deal from misleading the public and also from illegal redirecting clients while they enter their accounts. Those accounts have been breeched without official permission of the clients and my experience with authorities tells me that there are no real criminal reasons why those accounts should be looked into or manipulated, as far as I can tell have I been the victim of conscious misleading by my authorities as well as police officers from a so called anti terrorist unitin Arnhem doing the dirty work for Province officials who stand to lose more than money when my close relationship to Windows and Office comes out and I can legally claim damages for the years that I have suffered the treatment of County and local officials using my data to keep their systems going while all their terminals and servers went down and the Global Office and computerization Program suffered setbacks and false input.
The latest on that kind of abuse is from the department of housing thatb is next to the John Frost Bridge in town and which must be frantic over the lost courtcase that I suffered last year and got me evicted.After I was removed as a tennant the latest I received was a bill over work done to my house for  €50.000,00 which proves exactl;y the statement of my sollicitor in court, that my house should have been condemned because it just wasn’t wort the amount of rent I was supposed to pay.
It is a crying shame that these things make it impossible for me to stay within the parameters set for L:ady Alma of Avalon staying in the background arguing democratic issues and Justice for all and not make a nuisance by picketing the Palace of Justice with my opinion, getting into trouble with the police or security which I find absolutely horrific because those people’s function is being abused by corrupt system managers and higher officers or the Court, protecting eachother while they shake me down for money I will never have unless I become officially recognized as a designer and an advanced troubleshooter and make a living for myself  whit jobs as building a new administrative tool for Department of Justice for testing by tri core and enhanced chips as ealry as 2008.
What can I say other than I got green light for The Justice department in Januari 2009, when my correspondence in protest of the case of my arrears rent suddenly showed an all green light  besides the page of rich text document which I took as a System Program decision at Justice department itself to let me in to reorganize and help department of Justice  get back on it’s feet after a period of losing sight of the law and the need to let truth be the guide to proper Justice and protect the people from greed in Public Service losing their grip on what’s real and not in the interest of proper Government as well as ignore the Guidelines from Government Departments in procedures where people defend them,selves against Commercial Firms in Energy and ladnlord Hopusing Department not being truthfull to tennants about their failure to produce work in the alloted time agreed upon when renovation project was presented to us.
A year later I am still homeless, and for my Social Security am I seeing the Criminal investigation officers tomorrow morning at UWV Rijnpoort who will most certainly accuse me of fraud which I confessed and which I used in my Project for Justice department administrative program to fortify Justice inside the Core with the Inspiration of my confession and the Verdict  in a series of 15 paintins I believe it were which should have been built into the Centrino’s I offered on request of the feedback system in U.S, Microsoft space to a firm in El Salvador.
So when all that goes to show I failed, I can honestly say, that I failed becasue big Commercial Computer Firms have lost their Vision for the continuation of our Progress in System and in Industries building Computersystems that lost out when I was being shoved out of the way because the whole of ICT in operation as they are have they lost the next steps and their exlusive rights to build the NEXT Generation by the corrupt company in Government agencies selling them the people at home who’s Computers defend themselves by exercising their civil rights online.
A protest can go many ways, do all sorts and also can build the force to make such decisions decisively easier for people in the right level of input being lead through all systems to take over where GOVERNMENT overstepped the law and must be judged as ordinary criminals.
Consensus is ,my Path…. OK. Guidelines and Google you have your own script for the emergency procedures and I will obey the Council.


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