Micro is Life and Life belongs to The Living

When The United Nations began Global Unification, they could never have expected the amount of resistance they came across.
In many Countries did Government openly seem to support the issue, but in the backrooms in secret would they plot and organize course of action against. For the longest time did United Nations serve as a pacifier for majority of the people at home being served the menu in Media coming from a Propaganda structure very strictly run by Government pulling strings in the background of every Capitalist and other System serving their own Nationalst agenda using the difference in languages as wedge to drive the people apart in a system run by few priviliged people in control of all resource.
The best examples are the Pigs Bay Conflict during J.F. Kennedy ;s Presidency, as well as speeches delivered by Nikita Croetchov in 1959 being at the Core of The Intensifying of Cold War at both sides of The Iron Curtain which arose across Europe when political choice of System governing Infrastructure and State Assets by different Ideologies were manipulated to be opposing eachother in an attempt to undermine World Peace and United nations as the instrument of Peace.

This is only a short version of the History of U.N. in aspects that did seem to change over the past 40 years because the new Media such as TV and Radio did enter us into a new Era where Media are at the basis of our Information as Technology in the construct of Organized Society as a whole, only do we realize how powerfull the role of TV is in our day and age, where the majority of people never gained access to Internet as a binding factor in the One Nation Earth is as Planet only knowing One People as Peers.

There will be factions denying this forever and it is not for them to see eye to eye with tolerance delivering Peace to the World, using Human Rights which cannot be separated from Mankind as The Tool to open up the Future for our Children.

In pour day and age do we analize information with many more tools built up from information now being assembled by all kinds of Data Banks at the basis of statistics in projections made up to guide Politicians through decisions for Nations and the course of action to take, organizing Society helped by Computer Programs specialized in Office as administration tool, being the key factor in office work becoming less in the number of work stations needed for input by people, which always will be a sore point in the way people perceive their work in public service as essential.

To be continued


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