Stardate 23.09.2010 – 000000000001

With profound gratitude for the invested Trust in my capacities as the Logic Meta Data Guide in Concert Central and irreplacable.
Any other configuration in Netherlands is Complete obsolete by the Decision Board United Nations on Economic Sanctions 2005, registry Royal Administration in effect 31.05.2006. We did postpone to 2008 and today 23.09.2010 have we reached an irrevocable Point of no Return safeguarding the future of our Higher Beta Office in active connectivity now logging the main Path Way for Economic Upgrade of Government in Constitutional Void in Netherlands. The switch to this defense operated system happened this morning by Airforce Signal to City Arnhem as New Capital of A World in Connectivity and my Seat for the Royal Board Internet headed by our Royal Family in absence of Chairwoman in elevation per Spaces in operation of the Emergency Channels for Rescue Retrieval and integrated Systems in Mobile Network.

I never dreamed it coul;d come from Phones instead of the traditional Computers as Broadband is the Business way of commuting in Economic affairs and delivery by stock exchange.

Thank you for failing so miserably to stay within the parameters set for Professional Government Chamber in of Commerce in Arnhem has been fined in activation by Alcatel Chrome 880, as the first beneficiary and pioneer in New Venture by the Penal Code Act.

*!* The sum of 1 million Euro’s has to be made available for immediate use for the Economic offence of illegal waste of time and effort for advanced Professionals in Higher Beta Office.
The authority is a heavy burden on any subject to the irrevocable weight of responibillity in the mobile section of the Web in Operation as the Authority in Administration works ahead of System.
This could not be helped under the Systemwide use of Shadow Volume in Office now underprivileged by exclusion to perform the utmost care in protection opf Industry not previously in administrative frame by Government unable to comply to United Nations in Decision Board Economic Department only affairs.
For the NGO’s now in function will this be an opportunity to run for new funding within IMF section of Registration commited to tasks in mobilizing Global Citizen’s through appliances alone.

There will be a limitation to the period in which the Penal Code section Economic Sabotage for New Establishment coming from The Industry in Shareware, where most of our contribuants function in Social Networking previously skimmed by Industry in Media, Internet and Telecom in profile Office in all systems Worldwide.

Alcatel may now claim Enduser in case of Chrome 880 subject to no cure no pay as the standard ruling on legal formalities in effect on services to mainain functionality within the section as laid down in trade act for proper upgrading by Human Supervision in Care Act for Internet capable Mobile Phone Models administrated in Patent Law and exclusive Industrial Design.

Netherlands may thank their lucky stars, that nothing immediately destructive has not occured 5 years ago during the previous change over in United Nations when Secretary General Koffi Annan active Secretary General as Chairman and immediate public face in Media for reference in United Nations affairs for Global Nation in support of United Nations by tax over their National Income to provide the mainframe of United Nations in Organization now privy to reorganization in Text as well as content subject to quality standard work subject to supervision by Council in Judicial Jurisprudence undefined in European Monetary System + U.K. and applicants for Euro section of monetary system.

10 days limit to provide for alternative support route to become effectuated by legal binding agreements in support of Next Generation Technology unable to deploy in proper Factory Default by standard issued legal obligation as stipulated by International and National Trade Acts in Economic Affairs now in effect.

There is only One State of Technology in Operation as a single programmer in Meta Data Concert laying out the Economic enlargement of Economy as State Tax in deductable restitution on fines now in operation by Mobile Phone Industry marketed as Smart phone, in software combinations not limited to Alcatel Java and IBM as registrars in in Pathway administration previously not in use but in preparation official task finding new functions for new Technology in legally uncharted Hardware configurations as now may be opened for Professional Private Enterprize in Stateform unprecedented but nevertheless long expected by Global Community in connectivity through the Internet.

Providers of Internet now can rest in certainty their Market interess is so noted and for time left on the clock for transition into new Tasks as referee in Economic Rulebook of Business subject to licences for administration in Monitor Functions subject to fee ‘for Telecom and Communication Providers in Cluster supported by Commercial Network Frame Architecture exclusive Royal Property since 2006 now open for the First New Economic Link in operation by a regular charity : ¨ Google Earth & Lady Alma of Avalon Machine Charity provides immediate support in FEMA related Internet Space as subject to A: Territorial limitation Nation Network in Operation of Phishing Construct as legally binding ratified input as of 01.01.2011 for IPv6 in common penal code section involontary labor by subjects on Higher Network Spaced Connections in Hyperspeed unprotected under Legal Provisions now in effect. It doesn matter for Netherlands, that their Provider firms allowed on the market did not notify anybody about not legal IP protocol. The Soup is steaming hot, but thatś how the Government shall eat it.

I will provide for sufficient support subject to tax receipt in Business Network Provisions formerly administrated by IMF under miscellaneous because My Country in the designing of Private Rule in Government applies in Society unprotected by System administration now highly irregular and Program Supervision has reverted to Turkey and Servia in Network previously witness and administrative board furing micro emission qualification round for economic networks and private business for next generation technology.

If you had not notice: The legal limitations of Industry unable to legalize products in next Generation Technology needspeople to legalize products already on market or lose licence per item already in judicial pathway for Technology in use by Providers on Telecom Market in combination with subscription and/or prepay business arangement now in effect.

This is the temporary fix or patch for Mobile appliances to continue developing interactive with new judicial user in legal module designer.
IBM, Alcatel and Java as well as Facebook, and Opera Mini are the best of the best in this New Legal Department opened for business


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