The Month September

You know Lady Alma perhaps as Contributor in as many subjects as there are Stars in the Sky, but not many of you know that she is not such a Virtual Queen to Systems in connectivity as many Governments and Politicians believe she is.
Fact of the matter is that there seems to have been an administrative trigger activated in Systems both on and off line searching for the Key to release a number of hostages that have been isolated inside their own home towns across the Globe by their authorities in  Local Government. I only found out not long ago, that Mr Miracleworx and I belong to a group of people in connectivity that are closely watched by Province Gelderland officials, who have gained access to Airforce who arrives day in day out as soon as it gets dark, to hover above the places where we sleep at night, while during the day, they monitor us by the security camera’s that are just about everywhere  in Arnhem City keeping an ever watchfull eye on everybody in the city making mince meat of our rights to a private life.
I must admit it took a long time before I realised that I am marooned in my City without so much as The Civil Rights to have a Career in Technology as well as harvest the fruits of my labor in Industry or the Higher Beta Office I have been elevated to in both on- and offline by combining all my knowledge and publishing Independently to let people benefit from my Universal beliefs according to the Declaration of Human Rights that no longer seem to be within reach of my grasp.
Not that I have done anything to deserve such a treatment, but keeping the Status Quo to let people believe that My Country is one of the most advanced Democratic States within United Nations seems to take precedence in the Corrupted Systems operating on Government behalf.
worst thing that happenbed throughout the System Netherlands is the fact that ex Government officials in their connections to the Business and Industry call the shots as if their Government Privileges give them the right to take all the people at home for absolute fools while they make use of the energy people work up at home with their home computers networking in Social Networks as Facebook and here in Live Spaces, while they are not paid a penny for the Energy that now does not come from Companies billing us for the Product we deliver as Core Producers isolated by all means necessary pretending we are slaves belonging to a masterrace of only Politicians.
I wonder how long they will keep this up without so much as feeling any guuilt about the abuse they propagate.
Watch out for the dates 11 and 17

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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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