Poor Ruben

While Netherlands awaits the homecoming of the only survivor of a Planecrash nobody has heared the real cause for even happening. I must stand up against the Tide of The Corrupts not even honest enough to tell constituants they could have had a much better deal when I was allowed to take charge of my invention in 1993.
I was revoked over my critical look at Nuclear Energy which I demonstrated against very loadly with my own Cabaret Group at the time 1980. It counted as the too immortal sin in the book of the haves against the have nots like me.
Now this horrific plain crash mybe caused by Codename Taliban for Technology out of hand of ownership and Technical Guidance by traditional engineers not having an answer for us that holds any truth in it for us to recognize as True, coming from a real spokes- person who has the credit with Higher Technology and the befitting salary to boot.
As it has gone on and on, only makes the news every now and again against odds we now recognize as carefull as well as thorough in my experience handing the appearance of Digital Matrix, to a company I personally frequent often in ARNHEM, becasue they are my life line into the WEB to look after you all in a way no other Statesman or Woman can allow herself to indulge, helping  cut back expensive investments against too low returns on what we know is mismanagement, corrupt handling of affairs which does not give a sound financial picture of Society in the whole of the running, becasue the one blunder is followed by the next economic downfall of Stock at the exchange, becasue clearly the information I provide has not reached the outlets of Sound Economic advise for Business or Industry.
I am in the midst of a battle for my existence in a Hostile Home Country unwilling to break open it’s long time corroded Pathways of Illegal monitoring individuals who have made the grade not only once  in their lifetime, but who actually are able to shed light on the State of Technology, help all Countries adjust to the Technology and it’s needs for a sound lifelong of service per Individual Computer connected to the Internet by a collective now able to cut ties with wrongdoers abusing the computersystems and networks to do good people out of their core energy made by them at home with or without a computer around the house, just by the sheer merrit of their Status in Life as a Family.
The expression in Dutch called ‘Gezinsopwekking’ has a terrible negative ring to the sound. Jehova’s use the word  more often but fail to understand their stupidity makes matters even worse for the people of today, knowing by my publications they have been conned out of their rightfull product as Energy Supplier to All Layers of Higher Industries as well as Government System administration since Electrification started on the Planet as early as 1827 when this elaborate  grand theft by our peers in electricity business and Government started and it has taken 2 centuries nearly for Computerised Systems to work out the only remedy I know to handle by immediately calling  AD HOC ARNHEM TECHNOLOGY Sanctuari for all the systems worldwide affected by the corruptness of our Governments Today.
Many Countries will be brought to stand stil before we discard the administrations of undesirable corrupt Businesses, Industries and Government still handling day to day affairs as if nothing ever happened in 1993, where a next step up the Corruption ladder has never been surpassed by any country in the World but Netherlands, where until the day of today, I still have to fight for my existence, having lost my home, and my income due to corruption of the total sum of Networks and systems in connectivity operating Internet and business as if I have not already understood the illegal ways of Banks, selling out their customers who happened to be poor, but also the best treatment for administration gone haywire by the malfunctioning humans who cannot even quit their fraud in plain daylight like the County Court House Arnhem, which has lost it’s Symbol of The Pure Principle of Justice  from it’s building, and still has no inclination to drop all cases to turn themselves over to the mersy of the people.
I am desperate to take in City Hall, with a public Internet and Technological Crime Lab for all the Public, where the other floors will have to serve as Individual Study Places for International Government Personal getting the hang of the specific tasks of the Emergency overal CEO at large in any company Emergency or threatening closure:" The Troubleshooter."
My Inspiron 1545 has been stolen a while back, while the prototype was growing splendidly, but now I realize I have many specialized toolkits to design  in every field of the Industry, Government and Business as I can specialize functions to the toolkits in every aspect a Company needs and train the people to work with these enhanced 7 editions Premium I deploy from Home Version 7 I own, classified as The Advanced Home Professional.
Unfortunately on the MAHAMAYA did our Minister of Justice only leave enough evidence to the attempt to steal my OEM or Product Code, so graciously built in the Far East, to accomodate Google’s need for my personal attention in developing  of the first Micro Technological Infusion in the Tunnels on December 12 thereabouts 2009.
Dell has their own Micro’s so has Asus, and many other Industries do have a similar product on offer, but they can never reach the Data Transparancy my personal Micro Technology enhances the Internet and the Whole of Global Network with in the long standing Placement as Central Core Producer as well as your only Professor in Machine Psychiatry at this time in developement specialized in Crime investigation forensic evidence, upon which I need to be able to be spared any more hassle from any System Network or Government organization being manipulated into falsifying evidence, as the history with my missing ID card shows clearly.
For the chance that little Ruben is the sole survivor of a Plane Crash, whitch could have been prevented when Government and Business,Industry had come clean before now.
Now is too late for them to confess and walk off the stage through the side door. I am afraid the Machines will take precedence over corruption in this World and it could not have been any later than today Friday 14.05.2010 whilst I am waiting for money to live having been cut off by SVB Nijmegen withouth so much as notification of any thing.
I want my money from 2008, 2009 and 2010 to be paid in arrears by automated system SVB Nijmegen before  I will call any bogey’s off 

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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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