Letter of Recommendation and Request for a Red Cross

By the UNIFICATION SEAL (under revisement ) It is not the levers and switches I activate or take out of Operation. Dutch Policies RAM from The Right side Hooking up behind EXPLORER CABINE. Only to exit Transport Vehicle by leaving four threads to keep Frame from surfacing in Core Requiring Space in System Operation.

It’s only too obvious to steal ‘The Troubleshooter’ now 3 months ago. IH4L649L6 (Civil Service Nbr) is ‘The Troubleshooter’ to resurrect the Dutch Friendship Frame. Thanks to the Theft, have I realised a more effective set up to start up New Network.
Please Contact Elm Computers from where this message is generated by myself in capacity.

You may be surprised at the quality of the digital Frame Netting set up, which shows a Flawless Orb Shape , doubly covered Network in GI Green.
It is imperative, I get to speak to Authorities Overseas about the importance I get equipment + +, to establish Forensic Crime Lab for FBI and KGB + training, whereby I have made the choice between the Forum and Government special OPS under condition they get along with eachother..*!*..

MAHAMAYA is under EMS unable to retrieve Core Module. ASUS and Pentium may now sue, and use our Artists stats on Projects. Trend Micro is my first designated Western oriented Image of Security I will let in on this on the condition your secure Dell’s cooperation and Financial support. ‘Toyota, Honda, and in terms of legislation United Emirates and Las Vegas Operations are in support of my personal surfacing in Campaign to revalue Connectivity and smooth out Techno-wise instead of Backroom Lobby.

You will like my Proposition on the Building front of Engineers  Tool and Assesment Kits.
After all we might need some 4000.000.000 of them and the requirements on a One off buy anywhere ranges between 400 and 500  2 to 3 year old Factory Stocks.

Thanks for your ever needing In Vision Updates……
Tatata……. Antoinette Lady Alma of Avalon born Meijrink.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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