The nitty gritty of….

We got there….
We found a first step in the 2 largest worries …
 So without any hesitation as of 25.04.2010 will go into effect the World Wide Ban on Real Time  Flash Casino Gambling below the Age of 35 years old.
We hope to be able to map the results. For tresspassers will be the harshest punishment on Auto Pilot so Please, Love Eachother and Rejoice in a less negative outcome.
To stay in my Childrens Life I would  not change the order in the writing because the  pointers I just received do speak  about a Financial connection and a Ritual  Madness in the War (Read Killing is Murder).
The News on 15 and 17 year old child abusers using their camera’s to molest toddlers is perhaps the best reason ever to give up my anonymous Status before The People of The World and other Planets.
I want them in an open Court, Televised and otherwise publicised  Court Case because the sick and most upsetting fact behind the growing Derangement in Society has a incurable switch point in every individuals life.
The consequenses we now face could mean that a death at 12 years old as an ex victim is inevitable.
Do you still feel rich??? Academic Rich Shareholder….;

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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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