Dear Fareed I read you believe I am Dead!!!!! No way Josee

Where to Flee???
Halal I missed, but Halas would be my first step into the Charity for and beyond.
To Fareed I’d say my ashes or my coffin please send them to The Brother in The White House. He knows where Luitenant Colonel Juliana Alma Merci Starr (private name Antoinette Lady Alma of Avalon – Meijrink  wants to join in Death.
Arlington is my Station there.
I may no longer stay when Halas Transport is parked today. When and if I am not released by The Operatives in town asking how to help and justify their own actions as System Lords accessories to illegal murder operations in active operatrions through every System entrance, I have to revoke access after today.
When my escape today is no reality tomorrow and I am safe back into the plotting chamber where The Battle is prepared, I  shall no longer seek the cooperation.
Was Signed Ensign

About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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