The Change cannot come unless we face facts. Peace the word we….

As every Proper Spirit Documents that which was always Both Christian and Muslima.
Every Muslima shudders by UNTRUTH.
My own country Netherlands has been devoured over time. It must be otherwise does the banner stuck to our second Public Office not being noticed make sense to a Press or the Question Round in the obligatory Virtual Government experience.
So I have had a newsround today and the issues are::::
The Speech by President Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just about says it when I realize Vatican let out that all Bishops are in  a Meeting about Universal Crimes being the stumbling Block for Salvation.
May I add, that my Heart stopped beating for Faith when Pope John Paul 2 Died.
Next thing I hear is Cardinals in seclusion causing a Pope to rise from the Dead????? Benedict shows vanity in his Public appearance, and tolerant yes, but no Homosexual Pope who loves it.
He has no Authority over me and he knows it and to the Queen of England I want to ask  if it is Real that People would kneel to Archbishop of Canterbury?
How would I ask a Criminal Investigation to begin over the Heritage of John Paul2 and Mother Teresa left to us as the ones here and not in here after.
From what I have experienced so far as The Natural Power of People are we something between Highest Scientists and Holy Women as well as Singers or Artists in foremost 10.000 City World
Toyota EDGE CUTTING System??????????*
Greece and The ???????? 12.7 pressure point on a Fraude involving having kicked out the Tsjechoslovakian Chair in the Media  and having no circumstances for System Management stuck in Arnhem without support of any Country.Germany as the best example 3.?
The Chairman has the Word an not Angela Merkel as a Fraud.
The meaning is quite simple and I do not  have to resort myself to a Thing as Mount Olympus to know that all bets are off in Progpaganda today.
I’ve been more than only forthcoming in any kind of Prestige Project and not been granted a Life in a humane direction as I  am an activist who took the chance and lost in 1980 on the basis of Apartheid and Racialism being the stumbling Block of a Government not really having a clue what they were about.
I say for Europe to ever look at a Mirror Image of the true Picture it paints must be cruel to do to such High Standard in Political Reasoning and Policy Building The Protest instead of Progress.
The clue about Safeguarding Economy in Euro Area without Germany who never exchanged the Mark for a…….
The lie in the Media will cause the Rise againbst A Merkel and her lying BoS.
When Mrs.Merkel has anything she wants to convey to the Press  now the truth about manipulating the Mark around the Dutch Guilder has toppled both Netherlands and Germany as a True democracy where CDU and CDA both are Religious extremists insisting they are Political Movement in Constitutional Republic and Monarchy which for Netherlands has an Original Text that prohibits the Bishops involvement in anything as Politics and being in charge of Government.
Executive Board carrying the Symbol ECU had the proper conduct and instrument,that which made the Euro in our x was anothyer Political stumblingblock which in the time’s exchange would have been forbidden. With Mrs. Verdonk I found the movement indeed rightly excluded.
But with leadership today and Mark Rutten and Hans Wiegel I have at least a Mens to turn to if I may discard the image of an urinoir and a ejaculating…….Leader of PPF
The blindess of Harry Mens I never will understand in TV pushes the Rich into the driver seat Netherlands.
What do The Rich and famous than lack when I say to hell with them.
The issue here is not the money, because for the same matter would I be Rich.
By the Standard Dutch CDA and CDU keep, they are infatuated with Power over Media and having the bank account in figures to lay blame elsewhere….
As if The Train did not have an accident on Monday for Government building Brussels to have had a near miss in Terrorism attack by the UK that was stopped before Brussels.

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