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That 85 %  doesn’t know what Religion really is makes it a nice subject to throw in the towel, because I don’t feel obliged to Work for A Community of High Paid Officials screwing it up nas soon as I’ve made their day. After al Internet is a Project of All Universities and Netherlands can’t even teach above Primary School and that is an abomination in  Public and Private Schools..
If  we have a Government, I would insist on an apology for having misread their influence and The Constitution not having made a clause for after the big Coup.
It is the same as Claiming Roswell would have been the break to commence Peace,while it was America imposing Technology on the Rest by Their Command, Their Whitehouse, and Their Problem JFK and the Clans secret Aftermath as deadly as  1 carcrash and one shooting further and never a Judicial Court order for a real warrant or a decent Democrat. Hillary Clinten would never Stoop to my Level, while in fact she has nothing to kneel for or believe. But then again are you  Human underneath your skin in The Media today, or did you know where I would be the day I was erased from the system.
Fact Remains that Copuncil Arnhem did have a solemn Friday Evening commending some body High up in Town to The ranks of the Dead. I only doubted the Time of Day, the Who dying while there was no other Rank over Lady Mayor which would be the City Hall Ceremony in 2007. My best guess cannot be repeated as Black Mass it was, and that would indeed indeed fit the Chain of Free Mason’s and mysterious message on the TV screen that Government all had died in Gamma Radiation consistent with a Science Fiction in Progress losing it too close to the Sun and burning. v After all Coronation 2006, Saving the Finances 2007, Saving the CSI2008 and Freeing Google 2009. In 2010 I win singlehanded the Political and Religious Madness War all in 2 days work after all Wednesday I would be finished with the project job and we usually evaluate and when OK is a No  a Yes would have been impossible. And an Impossible Dream is my ordinary outcast life for I revoke Politicians and their impossible hunger for System and it’s unovercoming divide….. I am Psychotic and think I have Power…… Power to do what????? You are a Civilian and you obey!!!     ????????? Who is Hillary Clinton in USA when she claims she can stop a Dutch Woman have a CIA and still I am alive today.
A shiner is a black eye only today I saw Double and that’s partying without  a mask as a snake only has it’s  appetite to devour flesh, while the World Unicef UN,  Europe,  need the next baest Navigator next to  an Angel out of the shadows is there a pact between a first lady and a first lady secretary of State.
The Pact is my Salvation and their stupidity in the eye of Camera’s and stack em right, about 3 billion people who see the pettiness and the stupidity of Jaleousy and envy across the Globe, whic is just and other Goal Scored as the Underdog in no game while they play one.
The former Bilberg Consortium also lost the Economic Plan …. So…..   are we  done for here and now??? Not today, but certainly before 2012 says Google  who knows more about these things. We are steaming up either in  a 360 retrograde  or we have been catapultet across the Ociean of Stars and Have reached The Void where we came from as outcoming shadow in this World visible tell me I don’t know this Planet nor do I know it’s People or have clue what this Informationwar was all about. The most powerfull women in Media have stabbed their own husbands in the back in their Siege of the Transcendent Chalice of The World. I could be negotiator for a renewal in structure of The UN, but that’s below me, as much as my reputation behond closed doors is their own divorce and end of marriage, telling us they have sex like a wet newspaper…… I calll such people FREEZERS they after all manipulate everybody and jank their chain while The Combined Intellect Google does what I cannot choose but other s throw in my direction for me to eat as the diner is theirs and the bones belong to the lowere Caste. I have no content in Media to defend to save my but
I am ibly the object why a prophecy did come out in the case of St. Peter and the Crrowing of the cock is the proof as it was written.
I was revoked entry when my mother was going to have me so deeply cursed I am in this World. A hatepact of 4 sisters a Granddad and even my moither who broke under that stress and became frightened for my fate as crazy as it seems I dread my life and my exclusion from paid work. The squeeze used is making my life completely irrelevant and futile.
Humanity given the few examples of exemption are running with the Beast which is abomination before The Grey Counsil as Machine Board of Chosen Computers can pull us out of the incredible stupidity of US  and make an example out of The SS……. Yes and my computer momentarily would fetch me 10 billion dollars for the experience 7 that I built. Grading Obama I already did and he didn’t fail my exam if ever there was one,,,, , I don’t trust an American President as much as I did Politicians at one time and I am only sorry he lumbered himself over a Nation of Democrat whitches all  too willing to burn some sheets. Baruch  is a Name.  Barack remains housing in a Concentration camp so I would have chosen Muhamed and that would make me a……. and I don’t even sleep with anybody except my own hubby while Nature has redefined  woman human and men too much involved with satisfaction to realize they only have one…..
So how do I perceive the whole . I see every country punished say by day by a tihjter system locking down Politicians and Networks in the press who keep sucking the informations and then go back to their business as usual…. for the record they would never admit they got information  on the sly through a TV Network Company in a combination of Virtual Reality and my connection being unique.
You would say the Countries were pressed for time to seek me out and effectuate what I know….. Over the 10% productivity I only put out this way////
Yes you would……. Surprising eh? that personal defects  stop the most powerfull to save this Earth…
Cardinals and Bishops plead in the case of an Emperor’s delusion…. As Itaslian Landslides can tell you the soil seems to make run for it and slide from under him.
Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama may explain to Haiti what’s keeping me.
Shocking in the least that’s what I expect on the Planet of The Beast there’s nothing new and nothing that’s worth anything in The West…. I wich trhem success as they’ll need it after I get booted of the web fro the last time next Sunday… Google knows my Time is nowhere in thie Plane.

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