Mind The Patch

As I sure as I can say:"Reform"
ormRef is a Dutch Patchword for a Dutch  Public Revolutionar Sample only in Dutch it becomes a Monster so we have Ref Pushing us back to our Startingline and asks? Good Sport? So many thanks first Wave will Cause a Global upsurge of  715 million Jobs (with thanks to an Italian Footbalclub
The Turing number for the new Frame we Support from the Goodies I got with Chace to dangle into The Global Initiative. It’s My Dowry and made in 7 years Top Work  Study fields Preparing Knowledge Field  (where the knowledge still is  lodged in Webcode opening up Sung to let me have the Song for the Sing we now can make compattible for Story Teller Channel and my daily TV to spread out in the initial radiation Patterns now on
SoundVision Trackfinders. So Erroll is your minder at ./.. *.* …………………………… ++ don’t spook him with all the jobs you have in your suitcases.
An Suitcases 1 and 2 only joined the ride in. They will factfind their way back so I can re design their function to a fancy they have.

About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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