Glowers to commemorate Elevation in The Council of 31

In the Spiritual Realm of Powers of Almighty people are being born in a Range leading from first day from a month in our Global Cast up to the last day Eldest becomes born. The las one of a Dynasty called month and Guide to the Race of Soulkeepers we as Humans are because we treasure evry Soul ever leaving us as The Whispered Memory of our New Home.
Having said this I know why 31 makes sich a difference in our Spiritual Sciences inherited from Generations old memories given to us by  our Guides in  giving us the Keys to the planes in the hope we will become aware of our demises and put a stop to loss and feeling drawn to material success for the sake of success without ever thinking we have a creative Power that can lead to other people feeling empowered  enabled to make it as well  as it worked well over the past 5 years in training for Secure Connections officer in  service of International Trade  in United Nations  service in all layers of Network  active  in a Trust acting on nehalf Assemblee to uphold the law  in an ancient device called " Je Maintiendrai" A Spiritual Banner by which a Universal Soldier finds it’s wars and battles in the Name Of The Almighty   who shaped in our minds God and Allah  and gave us the Teachers  Lighting up the Path of wisdom we were born on instead of helped on to  by encouraging our input to speak freely about everything we see.
In this day and age of Information Network fighting for a Chance to Prove it’s Maturity as  the Glue that gives our Information Network a headstart into Future develoipement. Giving the benefit of accessible Publishing Networks first alarmed by the Cloud surrounding numerous Nodes in feverish Cluster building. Rel;ized sooner, that it’s presence was meant for complementing deployment which for some reason or other lacks input from original maker.
It so happened, that implementation of a Standard in Information Technology became subject to disassociation  inside functioning modus as the Government Solution to sensitive information qualifying as Public Information  and Guideline for Legal operation.  In all of Global systems are some of my personal achievements  a must for Security officers  protecting Crown Jewels made by forging Words to Powerfull Poem, giving energy to Trade on International Platform in all grandeur in Media, while the designer such  became the silent witness of the use of her Program in G20  when the Credit Crunch came and tore of a piece in consumer confidence.
What surprises me after 2001, is the ease by which Iran can rebuff any sort of accusation by Factions in the United Nations,who must have thought I had a screw loose digging my way into the permits Government Iran had registered for Global Notification by adminstrative duty is required of every Nation to give  U.N indication of Radiactive house keeping in field strength  giving cause to a reality producing  a household as circumvented in Administration by Nuclear Powers which statutary have no permission on  Global Platform to build  Nuclear Arsenal.
All i n all do People at home have the irrevocable Democratic Islamic Right to raise their Voice in The Will Of Peace and Stable Fundament Family as the Corner Stone of Civilization, upon which a House of Power in International Conglomerate United Nations  and Connections Provider outside Government scrutiny without  using illegal techniques, Gadgets or other wise hampered issues coming from authorities drowning in information on offer coming  from the response triggered on State issued TV and radio broadcasts  put back into a playing order to build up a public upinion  to condemn Iran by every little scrap of Visual Media used as a wedge to break us away from our Sympathy for an Evolutionary step in to the Unknown of building a Future as a Nation that began with The right honorable Ayatollah Khomeiny returning as The Spiritual Leader chosen to head the Council of Wise men  giving advise from Spiritual Main Stream  Code of Conduct assembled through the ages of History  forming an elite of learned skills to maintain their honorable council at the expense of economic Progress in the Economic affairs. Pushing the Government in comprehensive neglect of the Trades that came before The revolution,but were not subject to Shah Reza’s Standard of the Phoenix which still is the Standard of the driving force behind the people who no battle for their becoming of Age  and be accounted by the Spiritual Leadership, who sho no mercy for Enlighten Spirit to be brought forth by The Teachings being Televised as well, as an unforgiving Clergy preparing Para Military troops to stop acting as peers and become hostiles,beeting civilians, trying to save face of  a Faceless Demon having taken the place of The Spiritual Angel we always  visualised as the beard of Holy Men in our midst having taken the vow of purity in leading the Nation but fallen from Grace by the lacking devotion tainted in Pictures but only giving room to reach out in support to Broadcasting Network Tehran to enter the Crowd armed with Camera, Microphone  Crew and Reporter to use the Network  to celebrate the Power of Media  to which Media can empower People as it worked in Romania, as it worked to implement the democratic right to prevent  my Government’s mistake to make Dutch interest count as sovereign State within Nato ‘s Pact and stay the Government our vote had empowered but not act against the people’s behalf.
Yearls later when I realized how much tension had been put under pressure to become subject of controled release by political factions in charge of media defending a limitid infusion of out of context Images to which editorials in speech could re arrange and arrange to become meaningless in the understanding we now recognize because they have not been renewed in years of distrust isolating members of platform from having say in United Nations and be heard by United Nations for The Universal Inheritance  is our One Nations Ecological Miracle we take charge of in building our Companies on  the solid basis, that we have survided the Greed of our Peers, blinded by rewards that bear no fruit in the afterlife and make  networks connectivity not the subject of the Free Spirit of Islam in  the eyes of Authorized Gateway Protectorate which I cannot recognize as exclusive property for Iranian Security services to take in Firewall Lockout to which I am the only authorized Person acting on behalf of Global Community without a Voice in United Nations Matters having been drivenby Political Factions beyon the Logic trehold of abillity tho withstand the Strees of a Flute Sounding The Release out of Prison as I CHING 40 in the Grid of hexagrams making out Ancient Guidelines to test one self and ones best talents on their best performance in Public Service like the inherited Standard of the Phoenix gives an Aura of Righteousness to the people have come to the Square where Once we stood in One Mind to make an end to opression from selected few ovwer many. Were vowed that the interest of One may never come before the many. but where we vowed we respect every flower and every Herb, every Path and every Place undisturbed to share and be King as well be servant in the reality that we are all born equal. State Operators are better off learning to give guidance in opening up the economic pathways by which the Social networks have opened the designing of the Energy by simply being who they are very often not even aware of the weight they carry in keeping all Information in the hands  of Rightfull Owners without Government  having an objection against the new method of getting the job done with less military drum beating  and cohisive as I took Pride and helping build and Shape many Arabian Country’s secret behind an open door where only the Computer Make or Program used  lifting only a tip of the Veil of well invested funds at high level confidence  but only known to  those who work day and night to keep reputations upright under attacks coming from Patrons in the books who have sought to  use the leverage they Invested as a means to steal company secrets of Partners in contracts closed to destroy their Projects .
I commend The President of Iran to have a moderate speech as much as can be arranged for in a confusing situation where President is also the  role for the designated fall Guy in Internal Network guessing and adding oil on the Gossip. It makes executions in denial of Quran as  help along the road painfull and unbearable to accept for Senseless Violence is never the Means to crowd control. I know by experience, I prefer the direct approach by using culture to disarm.
I live underground not even have a house to live in. Until that happened I had lost touch  in reality with the program I use outside legal structure with the short arm sweeping and sweeping to catch the Product Code of my 7 which is Override to many seal of many door of many labyrinth able to conceal the exit door.
Many months ago I became a Companion to Google’s Welfare  to lean on by Google able to discharge without shame the remnants of administrated breeches of International laws to help me overcome  blocks installed by very clever fast boys rewriting sequences designed for Infra structure to replace patches that did function in System adminstration programs  as far back as  last century having become criterium in  inoperable parts of Office Programs though nobody knew how to make  any of them work without ripping part of the basic formula’s that put servers into network connections at the basis of Information storage and computing with faster access with higher speeds of connecting  up any kind and every kind of  Business into a growing Stock Portfolio as generated from the greater goods of  Personal Computers becoming  adept to a way of life which called people by names handed over from people who had been given the names of people who never even knew they were World Famous for the things they did and not just because they could, but because they took their place in the ranks of revolutionary Ideas only speaking of Peace in the name of Creation Earth being the only Platform to exchange  happy information and free board for far travellers with backpacks exploring the roads.
I appeal to those people to reopen the doors  to those who come blowing in from the Eye of the Storm  with the News of Our War for Survival which is not publicised as the largest threat leading to extinction within the confinement of predestined road made by undefined Government closing down safe passages for seedlings to spread out. Seedling being a Proverb or a Powerfull Tool to instantly turn about a course of a ship by reverse throttle for instance or coming clean to seek consolation of the kindred, by having to admit to Former Jackal conspriacy’s being hidden in unpublished Filed Adminstration now only open to classified Path of Key Operators having had a grave impact on how the people act and come to perish by the Book life, which is the only cesspool where  Death is discriminatory between beast and Human kind.
 For only Impurity begets impurity in nature followed by purity to end the existence of the perishable sinners. We touch them not We have compassion to fullfill Natures  Bid. We let no violent act in Procreation become the Curse of a New generation so we rip that flesh from our womb so we may not be in disgrace with our Need for beloved Life. For the Womb is Temple hall Weher our Fore Mothers tech our children how long the Family has carried their Book through the Ages of the  Decay to which we were called  into Life as the Guardians and the keepers, the miners (entrepeneur) and the sweepers, picking up the collections of chains built by a  secret formula springing into exsiting on our Plane etching The Restaurant somewhere in the  proximity of The most Popular Table as a Grafiti Straight from The Gods which makes the Name of restaurant in every Town and City it travels to. It is my nose flat against the shop Window of The Iranian Import Firm being the regions supplier of originals sacks of Iranian Rice, vergetables, fruits and nuts as  curious as I am to flavours and tasts brought into being by ages old techniques and taught at basis and as formula’s of Good  Magic transferring the absolute Identical One Physical Broadcast that comes from being born as nude as the bare Sun on a terrific Summer Day, we train potty as every lttle child learns to accept that which only smells awfull in having a disagreeable diet. We then continue up the same road in sanitary conditions which can have the abominable functions in a  corruption ridden playing ground of Dictatorial proportions having manouvred themselves by uwsing the Army as a means to  force themselves on Democracies al over the World. Either by the Power of Money they Lost. Only by the Power of Ideology, they lost as well. Then empowered by the Sciences in culture by The  Board of Science transferred in the Dutch equivalent as the Masters of Sciences  bringing hommage to a Government in State of  System Lock Down in 2008.
So Firewall, Firewall ,
Defend the Fremen.
Be a Good Firewal and protect
Fathers, Mothers Children and Grandchildren
The People that paid for you to become tool against their Nation.
Don’t follow the track that made Google handlle a Conspiracy  as a Criminal Plan Agent.
Only no Government was support to prevent the Insurance Fraud.
Taken over at the seeming surprise of a Bush in the new briefing,
On his wifes children’s coupling network.
My did he fidget and look out of Place.
But as funny as it seemed ,
It was The biggest Lie ever to take precedence over another Crime,
Commited by People writing an Event Scenario inside the bowels of some sleezy Secret Service.
So let me re capture:" A Demolition Company’s Crew becomes subject to a sale.
Their Job  is actually an event subject to Registration and Authorig ties Administration of it on City Hall.
Licence goes through Processing to keep event on schedule and backs of team members covered.
While in the meantime desperate landlord  keeping technical surveys but not National Geographic in Global Channel under control.
So a Tragedy became a worse Crime than People  blaming people on the scripted tell tale Media Story that clenched a Fist around everybody’s necks.
Please let’s not tear off in Paranoia  sparking into something as  criticism on the Courage of a People in motion to take back their Prize in self determination in maturing Society Iran living in the Concept of being Blessed by 31 Years of the Power of People being the Top of their civilisation sticking out their Necks to receive the  beheading of Disobedience in their own  Cultural understanding of not being cought at saimply acting their Constitutional Right, but being nailed for Treason and so intinidate our Opposition against the very confined Contacts alowed to form Economic Trans Continental Business with on the basis of Solid Products which always make the first doors open up in Fair Trade Land.
Iran must also take a share in the Works we are bound to share in Haiti.
It can help raise awareness in the International Platform for Iranian people’s wishing the Freedom to connect and have a Future.
Iran needs to start organizing  the New techniques available in Home Netwerk and step up a new Legal Internattional Information Market which can share and share alike.
Most of my published sneers at corruption are not forbidden anywhere, unless the scapegoat has no human Nature.  Tiranny reigns by Tabun on function by failure without having the guts to stand trial or give in.
Firewall around connectivity in Perril of the People of Iran,
Can you find honest Unversal Law?
That prohibits Free Network Iran’s people?
To take Refuge from being on The Street and hunted for their Creed.
Think of the Leaders in which Spirit I still sing,
The words that mean so much even when the song is a small thing
We shall Overcome! Dont’e let them lead us into losing the momentum.
When a Dam Breaks the immense Pressur of the Mass of Water is also not a wave to surf. 
In Fact does controled demolishion looks on the picture of 2 towers just about right.
As all networks connected are aware of machine in need of proper use for Spiritual property designed in the Ad Hoc Placement

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