Crossroads For Media Networks

There’s a newsclip really pushed on air these days about the funeral of the supposed Leader of the Taliban. Many Questions about their Spiritual Reality arise, and none get an answer by the Media I can follow and translate as my own.
"They are a nuissance is one viewpoint. Another! They discard all free knowledge say others. A third claims: They suppress both Burkah and not wearing veil. They seem out of sorts in Quran and Christian Teachings. And what can we say about a televised execution of a woman in a Burkah by men wearing the head dress of Kozacs from former Soviet Countries
So there’s a lot on about Taliban but nothing substantial that would give me an idea on how to percieve Taliban in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and take it from there to look for an opening that will help us understand in All Countries of U.N.  why Taliban is shrouded in so much Mystery to their origing and their Place in Society as Afghanistan and Pakistan  did not want to know them and battle them at first  as I understood through the years of Televised News.
Out of sorts do I find the defilement of a Footbal Stadium in Afghanistan, where the image of a Woman in a Burkah cowardly dragged on to the Pitch gets shot through the head by a bunch of wild looking Kozacs as I indentify their head dress.
But this is followed by  a positive comment by people in the streets only claiming to be better off by leadership of Taliban. Of course do I know these kind of images  from other Regions with a Government hidden on every street corner to pull people off the road for a session of intimidating Techniques to obsess with their government Personal Security an painfully remind people of their lowly station and their guilt by perseverence of ; which comes down to people feeling unsafe because they look like ……… (muffled by further incidents of torture with sticks, electric shocks, beatings, swearing and destroying symbols of the Spiritual Realm indigenous to the prisoners home lives.
Have we gone insensitive to such images ??? Are we forgetting the discussion in Media in U.S. about G prison on Cuba?
The other truth that is implied here, is a Fidel or Raoul Castro in league with the torture practices of United States on Cuban sovereign soil. Having a corner of it as U.S. exclusive isolation ward and prison sounds mentally unstable in my opinion. When it is the outcome of a Media campaign unable to stop it’s extremes, does it not only sound unstable,but invites United Nations to  keep a vigilant eye on excesses leeking from all News Worlds.
Adding another subject into the Generation rift that seems to separate our reality of news Programs into groups of Hoax leading to a massive scare across the Globe when other News Channels pick up the essentials in imagery and language proposing a translation with the images and some essential meaning of the images shown loses all value in it’s own and becomes translated to suit the needs of a non Democratic personal Policy of believing a Job is a never ending Power if you will governing situations instead of looking after a system to help administrate day to day operation, leaving invaluable time to connect to constituents on a permanent basis where administration is a support underlining the importance of Democratic Freedom as Economic Force underneath the productivity of people, where Youth does have a platform they can manage by their own choices, which no doubt will seem bizar and unsophisticated, rough at the edges, loud and immature.
But in my opinion a rebellious Youth is the sign of a healthy Society learning to cope with Freedom of Speech wich is a Universal Right to every individual whether he or she is sane makes sense, or has a brilliant aphiphany but never amounts to much else except that one Universally embraced idea showing a flexebillity in our way of operation able to pick up a Good thing when we experience it’s influence as beneficial to our systems Operation in day to day life, being portrayed on say to day reporting on our TVscreens across the Globe making sure the message stays fresh unchanged and open ended. 

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