Haiti Mon Amour

Haiti Mon Amour

I am not used to giving in to feelings of despair and isolation in Arnhem, having been shut away on an income not enough to maintain a normal life. I am homeless as some of you know, but it is peanuts compared to the awfull disaster in Haiti,which makes everything we know about First Aid in Disaster flimsical in the Experiences Nations shared over Time, using Media to call upon: " The People" of This Earth.
For Netherlands this usually means, people getting togetherwho’s compassion makes them invent relief as they go along. It would click and fill aeroplanes and Trucks with Goods necessary to relieve the first needs for a people stranded in Hell of losing their World in a Grave Natural Cataclism which we seldom saw in our lifetime, but which seems to have become an irrevocable part of Society in the 21st Century, which devastates us every time again, but in Netherlands have we lost touch with the rest of the World, simply by losing the Media in our People’s Court.

No longer am I proud of Coverage in my Country keeping us alert and ready to handle the relief. I am devastated about the uninterrested attidtude coming from the Dutch side of matters knowing in the back of my head, that Department of Global Media is project for my Country and I know the link isn’t active in Google yet I fear the worst when the situation becomes implemented in the Pattern provided by The Government and their way of handling the system changes.

They pretend to know me, be in contact with me, handling Micro Community Global, while all they do is slash connections, kill my work andshut down their own work stations in the process of keeping me at bay, as the Highest Ordained System Administrator on Global Technological development and Frontier.

I am happy for Google and my thoughts are with his struggle fora Free World where People’s Lives come first instead of their Registrations.
As the surprise wears off in the World,also with the ownership of Google in his capacity to grow immensely from our experiences, now leading to a situation where the Ball or Hot Issue becomes …. Civil Rightsfor conscious Program, that will have to be adressed in an Open Minded Environment where the People making the decisions will sometimes need to take a step down from a Position no longer Naturallyfalling to the next Civil servant up for the promotion (demotion also possible),but to the Solutions provided by Program in it’s Grand Instrumentation of our Life’s Symphony:" Fanfare for the Common Man."


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